The life of P!nk (Aleia Beth Moore)

  • P!nk Born

    P!nk Born
    P!nk was born in Doylestown Pennsylvania
  • First Performance

    First Performance
    At age 13 P!nk preformaed at Philly clubs.
  • First Solo album

    First Solo album
    Her first album Can't Take Me Home comes out.
  • Brit awards

    Brit awards
    P!nk is named best internaional female solo artist at the Brit awards.
  • 2nd album comes out

    2nd album comes out
    P!nk's second album Try This comes out.
  • Movie time!

    Movie time!
    P!nk is cased as Janis Joplin in indie biopic.
  • Married!

    P!nk marries Carey Hart.
  • 4th album

    4th album
    P!nk's 4th album I'm not dead comes out.
  • Divorced!

    P!nk divorces Carey Hart!
  • 5th album

    5th album
    P!nk's 5th album Funhouse comes out.
  • Remarried

    P!nk and Carey Hart are back together and remarried!
  • Baby

    P!nk and Carey Hart have baby Willow Sage.