the life of nate padua

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  • The Birth Day Of Nate Padua

    The Birth Day Of Nate Padua
    Info. About Me!!! Born; January 26, 1998
    Likes; Pizza, Chinise Food, LOVE to play football, Skateboard, Skooter
    Dislikes; Soccer, Golf, Roller Blading,
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    The Life Of Nate

  • Tony Hawk

    Tony Hawk
    Tony Hawk is a fomous skateboarder. Tony Hawk cleared the great wall of china on June 6, 2006.
    Hometown; San Diego, California
    Date Of Birth; May 12, 1968
    Began Skating; 1977
    First Sponsored; 1980
    Turned Pro; 1982
    Favored Descipline; Vert
  • Rob & BIG

    Rob & BIG
    Rob Dyrdek is the world record holder for the largest most realistic skateboard. Rob's board is 38 feet-6 inches long and 5 feet-6 inches tall.This board is an exact replica of a Rob Dyrdek Skateboard complete with Silver Trucks, Alien Workshop / CA Skateparks graphics, grip tape and all the nuts and bolts. Once the skateboard was completed he loaded it up and took it down to the Venice beach boardwalk for a cruise.
  • Chris Clark (PRO>. Skooterer)