The Life of Michael Jackson

  • Birth

    On August 13, 1958 was born in Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson, one of the most popular singers of all world. He was the seventh of the nine children of Joseph and Katherine Jackson.
  • Presentations on Family

    Presentations on Family
    At 5 years old, Michael sing and danced showing his talent for his family and friends.
  • Jackson Five

    Jackson Five
    At age 11 Michael was became singer of the Jackson five, group whose members were his brothers.
  • Albums Released

    Albums Released
    In the and of 1970 the Jackson 5 had already released by Motown Records 4 discs: ABC (May 8), Third Album (September 8), The Jackson 5 Christmas Album (October 15) are released.
  • Change Group Name

    Change Group Name
    The five Jackson left Motown (except Jermaine ), and signed a contract with Epic Records and changing Them name to The Jackson and now with the younger brother Randy.
  • First Album Solo.

    First Album Solo.
    Michael released his first solo album produced by Quincy Jones.
  • Triller

    In 1982 Michael released the album Thriller, the world's bestselling, which earned him eight Grammys and seven American Music Award.
  • Accident at Work

    Accident at Work
    On January 27, 1984, Michael had his hair set on fire by fireworks in the recording of an commercial for Pepsi.
  • Dubber

    Michael was dubbed the "King of Pop" during the speech of Elizabeth Taylor at American Music Award.
  • Marriage

    Data 1994: Michael married with the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley Whose marriage ended in 1996.
  • Second Marriage

    Second Marriage
    He married the second time to Debbie Rowe, a nurse of the star, together they had two children: Prince Michael Jackson Jr. and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.
  • Molestation Charges

    Molestation Charges
    Michael was accused of sexual abuse by civil lawer Jordan Chandler 13 years, after several complaints and negotiations, Michael spent million-dollar to shut minors who claimed abuse.
  • Death

    Michael suffered a cardiac arrest at his home and died. The cardiac arrest was caused by an overdose of drugs he had taken. The convicted was Dr. Conrad Murray was Michael's doctor.
  • Funeral

    Michael's funeral was watched worldwide.