The Life of Marianne

  • And So a Legend was Born

    And So a Legend was Born
    When little Marianne Rose was born, the earth gave a mighty quiver, the heavens poured its tears, and the sun shone like a precious stone. This was the beginning of a young girl's life, full of tragedy, youthful joy, koala bears, and the color purple.
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    The Hospitalization of a 2-year-old

    When Marianne was 2, she was hospitalized because she had pneumonia, an ashthma attack, a seizure, and was struck with dehydration - all at about the same time, adjoined with a fever of about 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • My broken arm

    My broken arm
    When Marianne was just a tike, she enjoyed to dance. Dancing here, dancing there, literally dancing everywhere! Sadly, she broke her arm while dancing. But the legend did not cry, but only winced in pain, proving her high tolerance for pain.
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    Taming the Legend

    The legend is taught and tamed, going from a crazed and uncotrollable first grader to an observant but frankly quite ignorant fifth grader.
  • The Legend starts... Pre-K?

    Marianne was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to her education, starting pre-school a couple weeks after the first class. She attended the May-Nissen Pre-School class in the mornings.