Calif tour

The Life of Katy Perry

  • Birth

    Birth name-Katheryn Hudson.
    Birth place-Santa Barbara,California
    Birth date-10-25-84
  • Starts singing lessons

    Starts singing lessons
    At the age of 9 , Katy Hudson starts singing lessons.
  • Learns to play guitar

    Learns to play guitar
    At age 13, Katy learns to play guitar and pierces her own nose.
  • 1st album

    1st album
    Growing up Katy was only allowed to listen to sister act 1&2.
    First album,Katy Hudson gospel album.
  • Signed with Capitol.

    Signed with Capitol.
    Signed with Capitol.
    UR so gay & I kissed a girl.
  • I kissed a girl reaches top of charts.

    I kissed a girl reaches top of charts.
    After releasing it a year ago, I kissed a girl reaches the top of the charts.
  • First tour

    First tour
    Katy Perry's first tour,Hello Katy.
  • Teenage dream album

    Teenage dream album
  • Marries Russel Brand.

    Marries Russel Brand.
    Katy Perry marries Russel Brand.
  • California Dreams tour

    California Dreams tour
    Katy perry goes on tour for the 2nd time, with support from family, friends, and her husband.
  • Divorces Russel Brand.

    Divorces Russel Brand.
    Divorced Russel Brand.