the life is kurt cobain

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  • birth

    Kurt Cobain was born in Washington on February 20, 1967, into a Christian family (later he would reflect this stage in the song "Lithium").
  • divorce from his parents

    divorce from his parents
    the life is Cobain changed dramatically at the age of nine due to the divorce of his parents, which would be reflected in the future.
  • firts guitar

    firts guitar
    Cobain received his first guitar at the age of 14. Her uncle got it at the Rosevear Music Center in Aberdeen, choosing the instrument instead of a bicycle. From that moment, Cobain tried to form bands with friends, performing songs from AC / DC and Led Zeppelin.
  • nirvana start

    nirvana start
    at the end of 1985 cobain formed a band with found Krist Novoselic, a faithful devotee of punk rock, which would be the basis to form what the nirvana band would be
  • first album

    first album
    their first album recorded by Bleach, released on Sub Pop Records in 1989 which would be the base to record the album debup
  • nevermind

    The band found success with their debut record on a major label, Nevermind (1991).
    Initially, the sales expectation for Nevermind did not exceed 500,000 copies. However, the album received triple platinum certification in the United States in less than six months. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" received high turnover on MTV and peaked at number 6 in the Top 100 of Billboard magazine.
  • courtney love

    courtney love
    Courtney Love first saw Cobain play in 1990. According to journalist Everett True, the couple was formally presented at a L7 and Butthole Surfers concert in Los Angeles in May 1991.
  • access to fame

     access to fame
    On January 11, 1992, with 12 million copies sold, the album peaked at the top of the Billboard album chart, taking Michael Jackson's Dangerous out of first place and also beating Guns N 'Roses' Use Your Illusion, a fact considered a symbol of the rise of alternative music on pop and hard rock.
  • Frances Bean Cobain

    Frances Bean Cobain
    On August 18, 1992, Frances Bean Cobain was born, the daughter of Kurt and Courtney, but the Los Angeles County Department of Children's Services brought the Cobains to court, alleging that the couple's use of drugs determined that They were not fit. After months of legal disputes, the couple finally obtained full custody of their daughter.
  • Adiction

    During his life, Kurt struggled with depression, 9 chronic bronchitis and intense physical pain due to a chronic stomach condition that was never diagnosed, for which he searched for years for the cause and affected him emotionally.
    which affected the 1993 tour.
  • last weeks before his death

    last weeks before his death
    On March 30, Cobain arrived at the Exodus Recovery Center in Los Angeles, California. On the afternoon of April 1, the babysitter of Frances Bean (Cobain's daughter) took her to the place for an hour-long visit with her father. That night Cobain left the building with a cigarette, then climbed a 1.80m high fence and left the center. Then he boarded a taxi to the airport and returned to Seattle.
  • dead is cobain

    dead is cobain
    On April 8, 1994, Cobain's lifeless body was discovered in a room above his garage by a Veca Electric employee,
    He found what appeared to be a suicide note saying, among other things, “Please, Courtney, go ahead. By Frances. For her life, she will be much happier without me. I love them, I love them! ”A shotgun was found next to the body, which Cobain committed suicide. An autopsy concluded that Cobain's death was the result of“ a bullet wound inflicted on the head ”.