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  • Liam Moran was Born

    Liam Moran was Born
    Liam Robert Moran
    Born April 22, 1998
    I was Born in Oswego NY
    The son of Sean & Sandi Moran
  • Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom
    On April 22, 1998 Animal Kingdom opened in Orlando Florida.
    It features an enormouse new theme park with live animals and thrill rides.
    It was a very large outcome of people who came when it opened.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • 7.4 Earthquake

    7.4 Earthquake
    A 7.4 Earthquake strikes Izmit,Turkey.
    The earthquake killed more than 17,000.
    Injured over 14,000.
  • United States Hogs the Gold

    United States Hogs the Gold
    October 1st, 2000 The United States Win the most medals at the Summer Olympics.
    The U.S won the most medals (97).
    Also they won the most gold medals (40).
  • 9/11

    September 11, 2011
    Disaster Stirkes the United States.
    Terrorists hijak 2 passenger planes and crash them into the World Trade Center A.K.A the Twin Towers.
    Both of the towers collapse and kill 2,752 innocent people.
    Also they hijak another plane and crash it into the Pentagon.
  • Petr Prucha

    Petr Prucha
    Petr Prucha drafted by the New York Rangers.
    He was the 8th round pick.
    In his first year he scored 78 goals and had 68 assists with a total of 146 points
  • U.S Troops in Baghdad

    U.S Troops in Baghdad
    U.S. Troops in Baghdad capture Abu Abbas, leader of the Palestinian group.
    Abu Abbas killed an American on a cruise liner.
    Abu Abbas killed the American on a hijaked crew liner the Achille Lauro in 1985.
  • World Series Champs

    World Series Champs
    Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time in 86 years.
    In the same time period the New York Yankees have won 16 of them.
    Wow really? hmmm
  • YouTube

    Febuary 15th, 2005 Youtube the popular Internet website is launched into the World.
    On this website you can upload and watch videos other people have uploaded.
    Me at the zoo it was shot by Yakov Lapitsky .
  • Snow Blankets U.S

    Snow Blankets U.S
    A powerful winter storm blankets the Northeast U.S.
    The power of the storm dumped 1-2 feet of snow on Washington up to Boston.
    The Storm dumped 26.4 inches on NY City a record.
  • Euro Adoption

    Euro Adoption
    Jan 1st, 2007 Slovenia officialy adopts the Euro.
    Slovenia was the 13th Eurozone country.
    One Euro was worth $1.2732 dollars in U.S money.
  • Mircsoft Corp.

    Mircsoft Corp.
    Bill Gates steps down as chairman of Mircrosoft Corp.
    He stepped down so he could work full time for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
    He is now givning alot of his money to charity's around the world.
  • Navy Rescue

    Navy Rescue
    U.S. Navy Rescue April 12th 2009.
    They rescued captain Richard Philips from pirates.
    Out of the pirates 3 were killed and 1 was captured.
  • Earthquake in Haiti

    Earthquake in Haiti
    A horrible erthquake occurs in Haiti.
    The earthquake killed 230,00 innocent human beings.
    It also took out a majority of the capital Port-au-Prince
  • Neptune Orbits

    Neptune Orbits
    On July 11th 2011 Neptune completes its first orbit.
    Since the discovery of Neptune it has only orbited once.
    It takes Neptune 165 years to orbit.