The Lewis & Clark Expedition

  • Expedition is a go.

    Thomas Jefferson set the Lewis and Clark expedition in motion and told them of his intentions.
  • Omaha Chief Blackbird

    Members of the expedition visit the grave of Omaha Chief Blackbird.
  • Peace Treaty

    The Peace Treaty with the Teton Sioux Tribe was signed.
  • Sacagawea

    Lewis and Clark meet Toussain Charbonneau, a trader who became their lead intrepreter and who brought along one of their greatest assests; Sacagawea was his wife.
  • Sacagawea

    Sacagawea saved Lewis and Clark's most prized possessions from damage.
  • The crew traveled to mee with the Shoshones

    Sacagawea introduced Lewis and Clark to her people.
  • Exchange

    Lewis and Clark exchange goods for a beaver skin from the Shoshone tribe.
  • Plant Life

    The Shoshone Indians teach the members of the expidition about plant life and which roots are edible. This helped them greatly, especially when fish was scarce.
  • Combat

    There was combat between Americans and Blackfeet Indians on the bank of the Two Medicine River. This quite possibly could have been a battle caused out of simple miscommunication.