The Last Time I Wore A Dress by Daphne Scholinski

  • Chapter 1-3 Total pages 200

    Non-Fiction: Biography --1-17 pages; total (17)
    in the pages I read it has started with Daphne heading to the mental hospital with her dad due to her not being girly enough. I started to find out that Daphne's mom and dad are divorced and don't really care for Daphne that much at all. They think Daphne has an attitude problem plus a drug and alchohal problem. The only ruth in this in this is Daphne does have a bit of an attitude. At the end daphne was at the mental hospital for being a toomboy.
  • Chapter 3-6 total pages 200

    Non-Fiction: Biography -- 18 -43pages (total 43)
    This isn't that far pff you really sstart to learn Daphne's problem. It starts to tell how Daphne feels being in the mental hospital and how she wishes she could help the patients. Daphne also starts to reveal how even when she ws younger she wasn't super girly
  • Chapter 6-8 total pages 200

    Non-Fiction: Biography --- 44-64 pages (total 64)
    These chapters Daphne starts to really bring in the detail on how awful her family life is and was. Also she starts to get kicked out of the Michael Reese mental hopspital because her family isn't getting involved enough with the program. There great chapters on Daphne's awful family.
  • Chapters 8-9 total pages 200

    Non-Fiction: Biography -- 65-78 pages (total 78)
    In these few pages it starts to bring up how Daphne's parents really didn't seem to care for her. It talks how her bought little food and her mother didn't care if she was injured. This brings up how Daphne used some drugs due to her parents obviously awful parenting.
  • Chapter 9-11 total pages 200

    non-Fiction: Biography -- 79-103 pages (total 103)
    These pages tell how Daphne is getting moved out of Michael Reese hospital. It talks about how Daphne started to be rally considered insane because she tried to kill her self. It is probably some of the most heart wrenching chapters yet.
  • Chapter 11-12 total pages 200

    Non-Fiction: Biography -- 104-122 pages (total 122)
    In These chapters Daphne reveals the first time she wore makeup. She tells how her "friends" force her to the ground and put makeup on her. Also she goes to Town House her new mental hospital where there she feels like she actually starts to improve a bit.
  • Chapter 12-14 total pages 200

    Non-Fiction: Biography -- 123-140 pages (total 140)
    Here Daphne is still at her new hospital and for atreatment plan is forced to wear makeup and say she likes it. Since Daphne was compling to this she actually got to go outside and breath in the fresh air. After a few months in the Town House she goes to a new place called The Wilson Center. Daphne likes it here because she has more freedom.
  • Chapters 14 total 200 pages

    non-fiction: Biography -- 141-164 (total 164)
    In this chapter i read about how the people at the hospital liked Daphne and how she wanted to be an artist. It also talks a bit about Daphnes treatment plan she went through. The most important part though is starts talking about how daphne really wanted out.
  • Chapters 15 200 pages

    NON-Fiction: Biography -- 165-183 (183 total)
    In this part of chapter 15 houses start going up near the mental institute. Also Daphne and her friend Valerie are no longer aloud to see each other because the doctors think they are having a sexuall relationship. We also learn about how Daphne would go with her friends on trips so she doesn't have to see her family.
  • Chapter 15-16 200 pages

    Non- Fiction: Biography -- 184- 200 (200 total)
    These are the final pages of the book. Daphne starts to get dischared from the wilson center. She is really happy to be out of the hospital at the age of 18 and finally move on with her life. Everyone should read this book to fid out how it ends. It is a good non-fiction book and probabky one of the best I have read.