"The Last Ferry"

  • F. Petrie obtained his undergrad. degree in sociology from...

    Columbia University (1980)
  • F. Petrie obtained a master's degree from the U of Chicago

  • A. Lacassagne obtained his undergrad degree in Linguistics...

    ...from Harvard
  • F. Petrie obtained his PhD in Linguistics from..

    ...the University of Chicago
  • A. Lacassagne obtained his master's degree from Stanford

  • A. Lacassagne began teaching at Sanford under F. Petrie

  • A. Lacassagne witnessed F. Petrie drunk teaching class...

    Throughout the fall of 1989
  • F. Petrie had unproperly vouchered several overseas trips, he fell ill..

    Fall of 1989, shortly after school had begun... due to the sickness he had required on his veture to Africa
  • F. Petrie is a tenured prof. of linguistics at WA A&M, since 1990

    before that he was an associate professor at Stanford
  • A. Lacassagne obtained his PhD from Stanford University

  • Period: to

    Sam(antha) Stone attended the WA State basic law enforcement acadamy

  • the "Montana Freemen" attempted to create their own government, the "justus Township"...

    ...which lead to an 81 day standoff with the FBI
  • Period: to

    Since 2000, Sovereign Citizens have killed six law enforcement officers in the United States.

  • Sam(antha) Stone recieved the Cedar County Sheriff's Office Detective of the Year award...

    ...for his/her work on the RDTF, because we had reduced meth labs by 30% between 2000 and 2002
  • Period: to

    F. Petrie was the Pres. of the International Association of Forensic Linguists

  • Hut and Bobby Joe had not left the prop. in over 8 yrs. when they...

    ...had a run-in with a state trooper back in 2004, driving on state route 2
  • TJ Jones dishonorably discharged from the military

    After he left the army he used his skills to blow things up
  • Sam(antha) Stone investigated a cabin fire killing on Lonesome Lake

  • Kravitz injured his back and has not been able to work since

    He used to be a forest technician
  • Sage began expressing innapropriate/ criminal opinions about gov.

    Sage said the MLK holiday was the worst
  • Sam(antha) Stone joined the FBI...

    after working for 13 years for the Cedar County Sheriff's Office. S/he began his/her career as a patrol officer, then worked narcotics cases as a detective for 10 years.
  • Sam(antha) Stone attended the 16 week FBI Academy in Quantico

  • Sage wasnt paying Everly's business taxes

  • Period: to

    Sam(antha) Stone was the lead FBI agent on the cold-case investigation into the arson fire of the WA A&M University Urban Horticulture Building

  • Period: to

    Kravitz has been living next the the Jones compound since 2008

    collecting salal and mushrooms.
    In late 2008 Kravitz paid the Jones a visit (about the salal on their property).
  • Sam(antha) Stone attended the 16 week FBI Academy in Quantico

  • Sage didn't file tax returns for he and his wife's business for several years...

    In late 2008 Everly discovered this crime, she took the kids and left
  • Sam(antha) Stone assigned to headquarters in WA D.C.

    ...for detail on the International Terrorism Squad
  • Sage charged for tax crime in fed. court, pled guilty...

    in 5 misdemeanor counts of failure to file income taxes for the tax years 2003-2007. I agreed to plead guilty to both charges in state court in January 2009. I got probation, community service, and a felony record and soured any chance I might have had in my divorce case.
  • Sage was given a "minimum" of one weekend a month with the kids.

    ...in the dissolution degree
  • Everly got full custody of Sage's kids and the property with a...

    ..restraining order against Sage
  • Sam(antha) Stone was accepted into training for the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team

  • Joseph Kane jumped out of the vehicle and opened fire...killing both officers

  • feds showed up at TJ Jones house saying he lied about his...

    ...military record
  • Sage was asked by TJ Jones to work on a special project

  • Period: to

    TJ visited Hut a couple times each week

    during the summer and fal of 2010
  • TJ Jones met Sage at the Gas 'N' Sip

    During the summer of 2010
  • TJ told Hut about Sage A. (august-october) Hut BBQ w/ sage

    Late summer of 2010...TJ started bringing some detonators to the property...October 2010 Hut invited Sage to the compound for a BBQ
  • Sage visits the Jones compounf for the FBI

  • Sage talked to TJ Jones about Hut, Hut wanted to meet Sage

  • Sam(antha) Stone assigned to conduct an analysis of possible DT threats related to the 10th anniv. of 9/11

  • Period: to

    Sam(antha) Stone assigned to the Domestic Terrorism squad since December 2010...

    ...when i returned to the Cedar County Field Office from HRT training ( I worked on the same squad in 2008-2009, when I solved the A&M arson fire.
  • Sage finished the detonator right before Christmas

  • Hut suprised TJ wih a long-range remote detonator

  • The Investigation began

    This investigation began in January 2011, after the Martin Luther King holiday, when a backpack bomb was found at the site of a Martin Luther King Day parade in Cedar, Washington.
  • FBI began exploring DT threats

  • Sage saw the news of the backpack bomb found in Cedar, MLK Day

    2 days later, the FBI SWAT team arrested Sage
  • Hut heard news of a MLK backpack bomb on the radio

  • Backpack bomb recovered

    reccovered by FBI TEDAC
  • Hut Jones caused a destructive device to be placed in downtown Cedar, WA

    At the site of the Martin Luther King Day parade
  • (#1) F. Petrie analyzed a letter sent to the Cedar Plain Dealer

    The letter was recieved on this date.
  • Sage Was able to get back to the Jones compound

  • Stone alerted by Cedar Plain Dealer that they had recieved a letter...

    ...appeared to relate to the MLK Day bombing attempt
  • Period: to

    Sage worked for the FBI pretty much full time

    from febuary to mid-september
  • Period: to

    Sage visited Hut a couple of times a week...

    around May 2011 Sage showed Hut his case file
  • Feds showed up to arrest TJ again.. trial in May 2011

    TJ Jones was put on probation but he made it onto the Jones compound a few times during the summer of 2011
  • Sage quit his job at the Gas-n-Sip, do to Government salary

  • Everly died April 2011

  • Kravitz watched a bunch of pickup trucks drive onto the Jones compound

    one day in spring of 2011..
    ... a few months later Kravitz regained the courage to re-enter the Jones compound. watched the Jones make an explosion and then the feds showed up on Kravitz property asking if Kravitz had heard anything, he said no.
  • Period: to

    Sage continued to mean with Hut and the Jones famil 2-3 times a week

    Throughout the spring and summer of 2011
  • Period: to

    Sage saw Hut about 4 to 5 days a week

  • Agent Stone told Sage the pace of the investigation needed to be picked up

  • Period: to

    The CS reported that members of the Jones family were carefully plotting the bombing...

    During the summer of 201, the CS reported that members of the Jones family were carefully plotting the bombing, including how, when, where it would occur, and the likely casualties.
  • Period: to

    Hut made clear his intetions of executing a terrorist attack with a truck bomb on a WA State ferry

    During the summer of 2011
  • F. Petrie was contacted by Agent Stone, to be a consultant in..

    ..the Jones case, invovling 3 anonymous letters
  • Sage asked Hut about being bored never leaving the compound

  • Sage mentioned the WA State ferry idea to Hut...

    About a week later Sage visited Hut again and Hut asked what Sage thought it would take to take down the ferry
  • hut Jones met with the CS; Hut instructed CS to travel in interstate commerce

    and discussed the general nature of the conspiracy, including the need to acquire explosives for the attack, and the plan to detonate a truck bomb on a WA state ferry. ON THIS SAME DATE, Hut Jones instructed the CS to travel in interstate commerce and aquire fertilizer
  • Sage picked up Billy Joe to go get firtilizer in Oregon

  • Billy Joe Jones traveled in interstate commerce...

    ...with the CS to acquire fertilizer for use in constructing the truck bomb
  • Hut Jones and Bobby Joe Jones accepted delivery of fertilizer from the CS...

    ...and agreed to store the fertilizer for later use in contructing the truck bomb.
  • (#2) F. Petrie analyzed a letter sent to the Cedar Plain Dealer

    The letter was recieved on this date.
  • Hu, Bobby, and Billy Jones assister the CS in detonating a destructive device...

    ...which was designed to test the operability of the truck bomb
  • Sage put the drum onto the pickup truck and drove to the ferry terminal

    the following week a test explosion in the back of Hut's property was done. during a day or two between the ferry run and the test explosion Agent Stone and the FBI help Sage create another detonator.
  • (#3) F. Petrie analyzed a letter sent to the Cedar Plain Dealer

    Theletter was recieved on this date.
  • the olympia was near maximum capacity...

    6:45pm, sailing, the olympia was near maximum capacity...
  • The device recovered from the bed of the seized truck

  • the Jones brothers and other persons known and unknown, consipred to use a WMD

    WMD: an explosive bomb placed in a truck (pg. 6)
  • Hut, Booby Joe, and Billy Joe Jones assisted the CS in assembling the weapon of mass destruction

  • Hut and Billy Joe Jones traveled to the bombing location..

    details: Hut Jones was armed with a remote control detonator and was prepared to detonate the truck bomb.
  • Sunday: approx. 1600 hours tracked billy and bobby joe leaving compund...

    as they turned off FS Road 43 and onto highway 705, which leads into Cedar. At approx. 1640 hours, they arrived at the fery terminal...finally, Sage's truck got onto the ferry "Olympia", which was scheduled to depart at 6:35pm... On the Evening of Sept. 4th we executed a search warrent at the Jones compund. They found firearms...Each firearm had been legally purchased: 17 by Hut Jones before 2004, 12 by Billy Joe befoer 2004
  • Kravitz introduced himself at the command post...

    Kravitz saw the feds raid the Jones compound....A few days after the raid on the Jones compound, Kravitz met with Agent Stone to give a statement.
    First, Kravitz was put in a hotel for a week, then an apartment and given rent for 2 months, out of state.
  • Period: to

    Trust action and third-party custody case are set for trial

    during the summer of 2013