The Last Ferry

  • Petrie graduated from Columbia University

  • Petrie obtained masters degree

  • Alex L got undergrad from harvard

  • Petrie got a PhD

  • Alex L got masters from stanford

  • Alex L began teaching at stanford

  • petrie took trip to africa

  • Petrie appeared intoxicated throughout the fall

  • F. Petrie had unproperly vouchered several overseas trips

  • Petrie taught at WA A&M

  • Alex L got PhD from stanford

  • SS WA state basic law enforcement academy

  • SS started working for the Cedar County Sherrif's Office

  • Soveriegn Citizen helped plan the Oklahoma City courthouse bombing

  • group in montana attempted to create their own government which led to an 81 day armed standoff with the FBI

  • Period: to

    Cedar County reduced meth labs by 30%

  • Period: to

    Since 2000, Sovereign Citizens have killed six law enforcement officers in the United States.

  • SS received the cedar county sheriffs office detective of the year award

  • Period: to

    president of international association of forensic linguistis

  • Hut's run-in with the state trooper

  • TJ dishonorably discharged from military

  • Cabin on lonesome lake burned to the ground in a meth fire

  • LB Kravitz injured his back

  • Sam Stone joined the FBI

  • Period: to

    SS attended 16 week FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia

  • LB K. found his trailor

  • LB K. went onto Jones' property

    *late 2008
  • Period: to

    Kravitz has been living next the the Jones compound since 2008

  • Period: to

    Sam(antha) Stone was the lead FBI agent on the cold-case investigation into the arson fire of the WA A&M University Urban Horticulture Building

  • Sage was caught not filing tax returns

  • Everly left Sage and took the kids

  • Period: to

    SS lead investigator in an arson fire

  • everything came out about Sage not filing taxes

  • Sage pled guilty to both charges in state court

  • Everly and sage get divorced

  • SS assigned to headquaters in WA DC for detail on ITS

  • Everly got full custody of Sage's kids

  • Sage was given a "minimum" of one weekend a month with the kids.

  • 2 arkansas police officers stopped sovereign citizen extremists on routine traffic stop

    one jumped out of the vehicle and opened fir with an AK-47 killing both officers
  • Hut met Sage

  • TJ brought detonators around

    throughout summer
  • Feds visited TJ

    early 2010
  • TJ met Sage

  • Stone accepted into training for FBI's elite hostage team

  • feds showed up at TJ Jones house saying he lied about his military records

  • TJ Jones met Sage at the Gas 'N' Sip

  • Sage made a detonator for TJ

  • Sage was asked by TJ Jones to work on a special project

  • TJ told Hut about Sage A. (august-october) Hut BBQ w/ sage

  • TJ vistied Hut during summer and fall

  • Hut wants to meet Sage

  • Hut invited Sage to his house

  • Hut hosted BBQ

  • Sage talked to TJ Jones about Hut, Hut wanted to meet Sage

  • Sage got patted down on her 1st visit to Huts house

  • SS accepted into training for the FBI's elite hostage rescue team

  • SS asigned to domestic terrorism squad

  • SS supervisor assigned him to conduct an analysis of possible DT threats relaed to 10th anniversary of 9/11

  • Hut suprised TJ wih a long-range remote detonator

  • SS started exploring DT threats

  • Sage finds out about the backpack bomb

  • Petrie was contacted by Stone

    Summer of 2011
  • Hut heard about backpack bomb

  • Sage went back to jones compound

  • backpack bomb recovered at MLK day parade

  • Huts 1st letter to Cedar Plain Dealer

  • TJ's arrested for stolen valor act

  • Everyly died

  • Period: to

    Sage worked for the FBI pretty much full time

  • Period: to

    Sage became an employee of the FBI

  • Everly died

  • Period: to

    Sage continuouly met with the jones family

  • Sage brought out her case file to hut

  • Period: to

    Sage continued to meat with the Jones Family

  • Period: to

    Sage saw Hut about 4 to 5 days a week

  • Period: to

    Hut made clear his intetions of executing a terrorist attack with a truck bomb on a WA State ferry

  • sage started asking hut questions

    around the 4th of July
  • Sage put drum onto the pickup

  • test explosion at Hut's place

  • Huts 2nd letter to CPD

  • Hut's 3rd letter to CPD

  • LB K heard the Jones' talk on their property

    **Spring of 2011
  • Hut planned the attack for the Sunday of Labor Day weekend

  • FBI searched the Jones property

  • Kravitz introduced himself at the command post

  • Sunday: approx. 1600 hours tracked billy and bobby joe leaving compund

  • Hut and Billy Joe Jones traveled to the bombing location

  • Period: to

    Trust action and third-party custody case are set for trial