The Last Ferry

  • Petrie*: obtained undergrad degree in sociology from Columbia University

    p.41 L10
  • Petrie*: Obtained masters in linguistics from Chicago U.

    p.41 L11-12
  • Alex;* Undergrad degree in linguistics from Harverd

    Pg 57 L 8-9
  • Petria*: PHD in linguistics from U. Chicago

    p.41 L11-12
  • Period: to

    Petrie*: Associate professor at Stanford

    p.41 L8-9
    Sub-note: fired
  • Alex; * got Masters degree from standford

    Pg. 57 L 9-10
  • ALex; * started teaching at Stanford

    Pg 57 L 12
  • *Petrie: fired from Stanford

    p.43 L38-40
  • Petrie*: Stanford registers office said petrie had improperly voutered several overseas trips to Africa

    fall of 1989
    p.43 L21-24
  • Alex:* Dr. Petrie seemed intoxicated

    Pg 57 L 15-16
  • Petrie*: fell ill with obscure disease aquired in Africa

    p.43 L25-26
  • Alex:* PHD from Stanford

    Pg 57 L 9-10
  • Period: to

    Petrie*: Professor of Linguistics at Washington A&M and regular consultant for law enforcement agencies in WA + Pacific Northwest Reigon on issues emerging in field of forensic linguistics

    p.41 L14-16
  • *Stone attende WA State Basic Law Enforcement Academy

    p. 16 L16-17
  • Period: to

    *Stone was Patrol Officer

    p. 16 L4-5
  • Period: to

    *Stone worked at Cedar County Sherrif's Office

    P. 16 L4-6
  • *Terry Nichols (Sovereign Citizen) helped plan Oaklahoma City courthouse bombing

    Witness: Stone
    p. 18 L39-40
  • *Group in Montana (Montana Freemen) attempted to create their own government "Jutus Township"

    Witness: Stone
    Led to an 81 day armed-standoff with the FBI
    p. 18 L40-42
  • Period: to

    *Stone worked as a Narcotics Case Detective

    p. 16 L5-6
  • Period: to

    *Stone worked on RDTF

    Reduced meth labs byy 30%
    p. 16 L20-21
  • Period: to

    *The Soverign citizens have killed 6 law enforcement officers in the U.S.

    p. 18 L34-35
  • *Stone received the Cedar County Sherriff's Office Detective of the Year Award

    p. 16 L19-21
  • Period: to

    *Sage didn't file income taxes

    p. 25 L25-26
  • Period: to

    *Petrie: President of International Association of Forensic Linguistics

    p.41 L16-17
  • (Stone p24 L21) Before 2004 Hut bought 17 firearms

  • (Stone p 24 L 21) Before 2004 Billy Joe bought 12 firearms

  • *(Stone) (before 2004)Bobby Joe bought 23 firearms and Joe bought 5 firearms

    p. 24 L22-23
  • *Bobby and Hut had a run in with a state tropper

    pg. 44 L 21-22
  • TJ;* Gets dishonorably discharged from military

    Pg 50 L 34
  • Period: to

    * Bobby, Billy and Hut have not left the compund

  • TJ;* got job as avalanche control guy

    Pg. 50 L44-45
  • *Stone had a "big case" concerning a cabin burning down on a lake in a meth fire

    One person was killed
    p. 16 L27-29
  • Kravitz*: Hurt back and hasn't been able to work as firefighter since for US Forest Service

    p.36 L5-6
  • Waverly;* Sage began to talk bad abnout gov

    Pg 54 L 21-23
  • Period: to

    Stone worked as FBI Agent

    p. 16 L4
  • Period: to

    * Stone attended the 16-week FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia

    p. 16 L21-23
  • Period: to

    * Stone's second "big case"

    Lead FBI agent on an arson fire
    p. 16 L42-44
  • Period: to

    Kravitz*: has been neighbor of Jones clan

    p.36 L16-18
  • *Sage: Economy startted to go south

    (mid 2008)
    P.25 L19-20
  • Sage: Everly took the kids and left

    (late 2008)
    p.25 L22-24
  • Kravitz*: Saw good mushrooms on Jones property and Billy Joe scared him away

    (late 2008)
    p.36 L26-43
  • Period: to

    Kravitz*: climbed through fence to pick mushrooms (knew it was illegal)

    late 2008-spring 2011
    p.36 L46- p.37 L1-9
  • *Sage bashed in Everly's windshield and poitned bat a cop

    late 2008?
    p. 25 L33-37
  • Stone was assigned to headquarters in DC

    As a detail on the international terrorist squad
    p. 16 L42-43
  • *Sage charged in Federal Court, pled guilty to five misdemeanor counts to file income taxes

    p. 25 L24-26
  • Sage: plead guilty to malicious mischief and felony assault on a police officer

    Got probation, community service, and a felony record
    p. 25 L38-41
  • * Sage started working at gas n sip

    p. 26 L12
  • *Sage: lost divorce case

    p.25 L43-46
    p.26 L1-2
    Judge claimed due to mental instability and criminal record
    Given a minimum of one week a month with their children
  • *Sage set up workshop and did electric work on the side

    p. 26 L17-20
  • * Stone was accepted into training for FBI elite hostage rescue team

    p. 16 L43-44
  • Period: to

    *Stone regularly teaches at WA State Police Academy

    Subject of domestic terror groups
    p. 17 L8-11
  • Period: to

    *Stone teaches annual one week course at FBI Academy

    In Quantico Virginia
    Subject: Domestic Terror Groups
    p. 17 L8-9
  • TJ;* feds came by his place asking about if he lied about obtaining the silver star and TJ said said he didnt lie

    Pg 51 2-9
  • TJ;* Tj was arrested for violating the stolen valor act and got 6 months probation

    Pg 52 L 32-37
  • TJ;* met Sage and asked her to help him with making a cell phone detonator and paid her to make mutipule

    pg 51 L20-41
  • *Sage met TJ Jones

    p. 26 L24-38
  • Period: to

    *Sage: Tj brought more cell phones and received $200

    p. 26 L40-41
  • Period: to

    TJ;* TJ visited Hut multiple times and told Hut about Sage and the work Sage had done for TJ and Hut was interested in meeting SAge

    Pg 51 L 46
    Pg 52 L1- 3
  • Hut;* TJ started bringing detonators to Huts property

    Pg 45 L 29-30
  • *(Stone) Sage's first visit to Hut

    p. 21 L27-28
  • *Sage: Hut had BBQ and invited Sage and her children

    p.26 L43-46
    p.27 L1
  • Hut; * Invited Sage to BBQ

    Pg 45 L 31-31
  • TJ:* Had Sage over for BBQ

    Pg 52 L9-19
  • *Stone was assigned to conduct an analysis of the possible DT threats related to the 10th anniversary of 9/11

    p. 17 L16-17
  • *2 Arkansas Police Officers were killed (stone)

    Witness: Stone
    Details: Officers pulled over 2 sovereign citizen extremists and they opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle
    p. 18 L36-39
  • *Sage: finished remote detonator and received $1000

    p. 28 L6-20
    Was a good Christmas for Sage's family
  • Period: to

    *Stone worked in Domestic Terrorism Squad

    within FBI (?)
    p. 17 L5-6
  • TJ*; Hut surprised TJ with a long range remote detonator

    Pg 52 L23-24
  • Period: to

    *(Stone) Cedar Plain Dealer (newspaper) got two more letters

    p. 22 L33-34
  • *Sage: found out about MLK backpack bomb

    p.28 L22-24
  • *Sage: Drove to Hut's to confront about backpack bomb

    late January
    P. 29 L22-24
  • *(Stone) in late January, Cedar Plain Dealer (the newspaper) received handwritten letter that appeard to have been related to MLK Day Bomb

    p. 22 L25-27
  • Martin Luther King Parade Day bombing

    Witness: Stone
  • Petrie: first letter was sent to Cedar Plain Dealer

    p.42 L4
  • *Hut; Heard on radio about MLK Parade bomb

  • *(Stone) Sage got back to Jones compound

    p. 21 L38
    (late Jan.)
  • *(Stone) FBI arrested Sage

    p. 20 L2
  • Period: to

    * (Stone) Sage worked for FBI

    p. 21 L6-7
  • Waverly;* Everly died and Waverly thought Sage was responsible

    Pg 55 L 17-23
  • Waverly;* The state of washingtons dept. of social and health services stepped in and deemed that the children were alleged to be dependant on the state

    Pg 55 L 25-28
  • *Sage: quit job at gas n sip

    p. 30 L40-41
  • Period: to

    *(Stone) Sage met with Joneses two to three times a week

    p. 21 L44-45
  • *Sage: evely died

    p. 26 L3
    Car crushed her
  • Kravitz*: anti-government meeting

    Spring 2011
    p.37 L11-44
  • Sage: brought case file to show Hut and was "in like Flynn"

    p. 30 L14-22
  • Period: to

    Sage*:Began hanging out with Hut and working on investigation 4-5 days a week

    p. 30 L41-43
  • *(Stone) Hut made his intentions clear of executing a terrorist attack with truck bomb

    Details: bomb on WA state ferry
    (During summer)
    p. 22 L1-2
  • *Sage: in early summer Stone suggested they needed to pick up investigation (Stone was getting pressure from superiors)

    p.31 L1-3
  • Petrie*: contacted by agent stone to look at possible terrorist attack letters

    p.41 L37-39
    Summer 2011
  • TJ:* visited compound without probation officer knowing

    Pg 52 L 39-40
  • Hut; * Billy and Sage worked on old truck that Billy stole

    pg 46 L43
    Pg 47 L1
  • Hut;* Sage asked if Hut ever got board living on compound Hut said no

    Pg 46 L 17-19
  • Sage*: mentioned to Hut that Sage had been on WA state ferry and saw dozens of Navy sailors

    p. 31 L9-11
  • Sage*: Hut asked if Sage had ever been to big cedar labor day festival and if there were a lot of Navy people; Sage said "probably"; Hut asked what it would take to take down a ferry

    p.31 L16-21
  • Sage*: Billy Joe and Sage went to Oregon to buy fertilizer

    p. 32 L2-6
  • Petrie: 2nd letter sent to Cedar Plain Dealer

    p.42 L10
  • Hut;* Sage and Billy went to Oregon

    Pg 47 L 27-29
  • Hut;* Sage wanted to do a dry run and Billy was going with Sage

    Pg 47 L1-4
  • Hut;* Sage and Bily go on a ferry ride

    Pg 47 L44-45
  • Sage*: Put drum in pickup and drove it to ferry terminal and the dry-run worked

    p.33 L4-10
  • *Sage: Tested explosion at Hut's compound and it was successful

    p.33 L25-26
  • Kravitz: went back on Jones property and saw test run and saw Sage hold the device; everybody was nodding and patting sage on the back

    late august
    p.38 L6-42
  • Kravitz*: Sherrifs came by and asked if Kravitz had seen anything; Kravitz said no

    p.39 L2-3
    late august
  • Hut;* During week before Labor Day Sage came to visit multipule timw

    Pg. 48 L24
  • Petrie: 3rd letter sent to Cedar Plain Dealer

    p.42 L17-18
  • Sage: Billy + Hut had argument about licence plate

    p.34 L20-27
  • (Stone)Attempted bomb by Hut Jones

    p. 22 L39-46
    p. 23 L1-26
  • (Stone) at approximately 4:00 pm Stone was part of the surveilance team that tracked Hut + Billy Joe Jones as they left compound to go to ferry terminal

    p. 22 L39-41
  • (Stone) approx. 4:40 pm arrived at ferry terminal

    p. 22 L45
  • (Stone) Hut entered coffee shop as Sage entered ferry (sat in line for two hours)

    p. 22 L46
    p. 23 L8
  • (Stone) Ferry departed at 6:35 pm

    p. 22 L13
  • (Stone) after 6:35 Ferry got to the middle, Hut watched ferry sail, dailed a number on phone, police arrested Hut, Hut threw phone in water

    p. 23 L13-22
  • (Stone) In evening they executed a search warrant for Joneses compound

    p24 L 2-3
  • Sage*: convinced Hut to get closer to the ferry bombing

    p. 33 L45-46
  • Sage: Left property at 4 pm, Hut + Billy followed in truck

    p. 34 L19-20
  • Sage: 5 pm waited in line for two hours for ferry

    p.34 L31-32
  • Kravitz: Feds came to raid Jones property and Kravitz introduced himself to feds and gave them info on the Joenses

    p.39 L22-32
  • Kravitz: Bobby Joe was carefully covering pipes with wires attatched to them

    in the morning
    p.39 L17-20
  • Hut; Hut puts on disguse and gets in a truck with Billy Joe and heads to ferry and goes to watch event at coffee shop then goes to pull out gun and is a cell phone that he throws in water because corned by FBI

    Pg 48 L36-9
  • Period: to

    *(Sage) Sage Annadale: currently in witness protection

    With her 3 children
    p. 25 L4-7
  • Period: to

    Hut;* got arrested and put in Federal detention center

    Pg 49 L 8-17
  • *(Stone) brought TJ in for questioning (still an open case)

    p. 23 L43-46
  • TJ;* TJ saw the news about the bomb and imediatly knew it was Sage and then got arrested and was held for 72 hours and was thretened

    Pg 53 L 26-30
  • Period: to

    *(Stone) Sent police divers down to bay to locate cell phone but were not successful

    p. 23 L24-25
  • Period: to

    (Stone) FBI hasn't found Billy or Bobby

    p. 23 L39
  • *Stone and the FBI began exploring DT Threats

    p. 17 L16-17