The Korean War

  • North Korea and South Korea

    North Korea occupied by Soviets - given to Kim Il Sung. South Korea occupied by Americans - democratic leader = Syngman Rhee. The 38th Parallel was set up by the UN.
  • PRC declared

  • USSR pulls out of Security Council meetings at UN

  • North Korea invades the South, violating international law

  • First American engagement with North Korean forces

  • Cngress allows $12 billion spent on conflict

  • Only the small area around Pusan in the far south left

  • General Douglas Macarthur lands at Inchon, cutting the North Korean forces in two

    North Koreans retreated to North and the UN recaptures all of South Korea. From thereon Stalin accepted a defeat, however, Mao placed troops along the Yalu River and said he would support Kim Il Sung to the end.
  • The UN forces follow the South Koreans over the 38th Parallel

    This was ignoring the threat of Chinese force from Zhou Enlai.
  • The Chinese forces on the Yalu called the People's Volunteer Army (PVA)

  • 500,000 Chinese pour into Korea. Oooooops.

    Drove UN back into South and capture Seoul (capital of South Korea).
  • UN troops recapture Seoul

    Pushed Chinese and North Koreans back to 38th Parallel
  • General Macarthur is dismissed by President Truman

    Macarthur wanted to use nuclear weapons against China. Nutjob. Replaced by General Matthew Ridgeway.
  • Armistice talks began at Kaesong.

    It was only in 1953 that the ceasefire was agreed.
  • Eisenhower elected President

  • Dwight D Eisenhower is inaugrated as President

  • Stalin died. Freaked out Chinese and North Koreans

  • Ceasfire finally agreed. With demilitarised zone in between the two countries.