The kite runner

The Kite Runner - Chapters 23-25

  • 1) Amir wakes up in the hospital in critical condition - (Chapter 23)

    Amir awakes in a hospital in Kabul, with many serious injuries. In the fight with Assef, he ruptured his spleen, seven broken ribs, a punctured lung, various facial lacerations, an orbital fracture, and a broken jaw. However, the most curious injury in Amir's opinion was the deep laceration on his upper lip. "The impact had cut your upper lip in two, he had said, clean down the middle. Clean down the middle. Like a harelip."
  • Irony

    When Amir wakes up in the hospital, the doctor fills him in on his numerous injuries. Amonge these, the most interesting to Amir is his lip. During their fight, Assef punched Amir in the lip, and sliced it in half. Like a hare-lip. The doctors fixed it the best they could, but Amir was left with a permanent scar. Like Hassan was.
  • Imagery

    The author uses a great deal of imagery while describing the extent of Amir's grotesque injuries.
  • 2) Sohrab runs away from Amir - (Chapter 24)

    Now staying in a hotel in Peshawar, Amir awakes one morning to find Sohrab's bed empty. Horrified, he frantically searches the streets, and eventually finds Sohrab, praying at a local mosque. He is praying for what he believes to be his sins. "'Father used to say it's wrong to hurt even bad people. Because they don't know any better, and because bad people sometimes become good.'"
  • 3) Amir calls Soraya, and tells her EVERYTHING - (Chapter 24)

    After 15 years of marriage, Amir finally finds it within in himself to tell Soraya about his past, his presen, and his future with Sohrab. "Then I did what I hadn't done in fifteen years of marriage: I told my wife everything. Everything. I had pictured this moment so many times, dreaded it, but, as I spoke, I felt something lifting off my chest."
  • 4) Amir visits the American embassy to try to find a way to get Sohrab to America - (Chapter 24)

    Amir visits the American Embassy, where he is told by a lawyer to give up his attempt to adopt Sohrab and return him to America. There appears to be far too many complications for a smooth transition to be possible. However, it is possible, although highly unlikely. "Andrews crushed his cigarette, his lips pursed. 'Give it up.'"
  • 5) Amir promises Sohrab he will bring him to America, and Soraya begins to try to obtain the necessary documentation - (Chapter 24)

    Amir promises Sohrab that he will bring him back to America, but Sohrab is doubtful. Amir is awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call, informing him that it is all clear for them to return. " '..We won't have to put you in the orphanage, Sohrab. We're going to America, you and I. Did you hear me? We're going to America!'"
  • 6) Amir discovers Sohrab in the bathtub - (Chapter 24)

    Amir, bearing good news, finds Sohrab in the bathroom.
    "I pushed the door open. Stepped into the bathroom. Suddenly I was on my knees, screaming. Screaming through my clenched teeth. Screaming until I thought my throat would rip and my chest explode. Later, they said I was still screaming when the ambulance arrived."
  • 7) Sohrab is rushed to the hospital, Amir prays for his survival - (Chapter 25)

    Sohrab is rushed to the hospital, and Amir prays for his survival.
    "I throw my... prayer rug, on the floor and I get on my knees, lower my forehead to the ground, my tears soaking through the sheet. I bow to the west. Then I remember I haven't prayed for over fifteen years... my lips are salty with the tears trickling down my face. I feel the eyes of everyone in this corridor on me and still I bow to the west. I pray. I pray that my sins have not caught up with me..."
  • 8) Amir and Sohrab return to America: Sohrab is silent - (Chapter 25)

    Sohrab goes to America with Amir, but he is changed. He refuses to speak, and keeps to himself. "It would be erroneous to say Sohrab was quiet. Quiet is peace. Tranquillity. Quiet is turning down the VOLUME knob on life. Silence is pushing the OFF button. Shutting it down. All of it."
  • 9) Amir and Sohrab fly a kite together in the park, Amir glimpses Sohrabs first smile - (Chapter 25)

    While in the park, Amir asks Sohrab to fly a kite with him. He reluctantly agrees. After Amir successfully severs another kite, Amir glimpses something wonderful. "I looked down at Sohrab. One corner of his mouth had curled up just so. A smile. Lopsided. Hardly there. But there."
  • Symbolism

    The kite that Amir and Sohrab fly in the park during the last chapter symbolizes both of their freedoms. Sohrab is removed from his dark past, and is now free. Amir, by adopting Sohrab, has also somewhat repented for his sins, and became good again. Therefore, he is free from the demons of his past.
  • 10) Amir runs the kite for Sohrab - (Chapter 25)

    " 'Do you want me to run that kite for you?' ...I thought I saw him nod. 'For you, a thousand times over,' I heard myself say. Then I turned and ran. It was only a smile, nothing more. It didn't make everything all right. It didn't make anything all right. Only a smile... But I'll take it. With open arms. Because when spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time, and maybe I just witnessed the first flake melting. I ran."
  • Poetic Justice

    At the end of the novel, the story comes full circle when Amir runs the kite for Sohrab. This shows that his conscience is completely clear, and the demons of his past are long gone. "For you, a thousand times over"
  • Thoughts..

    The final portion of the book, for me, was the most satisfying, It was a well needed happy ending for a story filled with so many dark twists and turns. The author's description of the relationship between Amir and Sohrab is extremely intriguing, and after finishing the book, leaves the reader wanting to know what happens aftwerwards. The ending of the story, when Amir runs the kite for Sohrab, was an extremely touching moment. The conclusion of this book left me with a smile on my face.