The Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

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  • Amir's First Short Story

    Amir's First Short Story
    While reading, Amir decides to create and tell his own story to Hassan, who is oblivious as he cannot read. When Amir finishes Hassan, "began to clap...'[It] was the best story [Amir had] read [Hassan]in a long time'"(Hosseini 30) Knowing Hassan's sincerity Amir takes the compliment to heart. Hassan's approval of the story prompts Amir to begin writing more stories of his own. His writing is something that becomes very important to him as he grows older.
  • Republic of Afghanistan Established

    Republic of Afghanistan Established
    Last King overthrown in coup, Khan, "abolishes the monarchy"(PBS) and becomes self-appointed president. People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan takes power and Afghanistan becomes a republic.
  • Kite Competition/Assef rapes Hassan

    Kite Competition/Assef rapes Hassan
    After Amir and Hassan win the competition Hassan leaves to run the second place kite. When Amir finds him Assef has cornered him and rapes him for being noncompliant. Instead of helping Amir, "bit[es] [his] fist. Shut[s] [his] eyes." This shows Amir's betrayal of Hassan through his selfishness and his prioritizing of his own status over Hassan's safety. Amir's choice influences their relationship for the rest of their lives.
  • Women's Rights in Afghanistan

    The president of Afghanistan proposes new laws that would grant woman more rights. New laws by Khan also seek to change and reinvent a mostly communist country as he, "cracks down on opponents."(PBS)
  • Amir's Thirteenth Birthday

    Amir turns thirteen and Baba hosts a huge party to celebrate, inviting many people including Assef and his friends and family. Amir "[Sees] something [he]'all never forget: Hassan serving drinks to Assef and Wali from a silver platter." (Hosseini 100) in this moment Amir really feels the impact of what happened to Hassan. He realizes how wrong he was to act and how disgusting Assef was, yet he still chooses to stay quiet.
  • President Killed

    President Killed
    Khan, the first president is killed and Nur Mohammad Taraki, "one of the founding members of the Afghan Communist"(PBS) takes his place. New government is communist and declares itself to be based off Islamic faith. A questionable treaty is made between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union.
  • Fleeing From Afghanistan

    While fleeing Afghanistan Amir thinks, "What am I doing on this road in the middle of the night? I should have been in bed, under my blanket, a book with dog-eared pages at my side."(Hosseini 113) Here Amir realizes the significance of the war that has begun in Afghanistan and what that means for his life. He realizes that he has to say goodbye to life as he has known it so far and learn to adapt and move forward with his new circumstances.
  • Afghanistan Refugees

    Afghanistan Refugees
    About 2.8 million people have fled Afghanistan to Pakistan because of the war. 1.5 million fled to Iran. "Soviet troops"(PBS) have control of cities in Afghanistan while Afghans hold the more rural areas.
  • Amir Graduates High School

    Amir Graduates High School
    Amir graduates high school after moving to America with Baba. As a graduation present Baba gets Amir a car. While in the car Baba mentions Hassan. Amir feels, "A pair of steel hands close around [his] windpipe at the sound of Hassan's name."(Hosseini 134) This shows how much Hassan's rape still affects Amir even years later. Amir's continual guilt is the beginning of his path to atone for what he did to Hassan all those years ago.
  • Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan

    Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan
    Osama bin Laden who allegedly, "traveled to Afghanistan immediately after the Soviet invasion", returns to Afghanistan to aid troops fighting the Soviets. In response to reports of human rights violations the UN investigates in Afghanistan.
  • Baba Gets Sick

    Baba gets diagnosed with cancer and Amir takes care of him, improving their relationship. After Baba calls General Sahib to ask for Soraya's hand Amir and Baba, "...looked at each other. [Amir] bursts into giggles. Baba joined in."(Hosseini 162) This small moment between them shows a tremendous change in their relationship, especially how Baba views Amir. Before Baba was not close with Amir and judged him harshly whereas now he laughs with Amir as if they were equals.
  • Soraya and Amir Try to Have a Child

    Soraya and Amir Try to Have a Child
    Soraya and Amir have gotten married and decide to try for a baby. They cannot conceive due to "unexplained infertility". Amir thinks that, "...maybe this was [his] punishment, and maybe justly so."(Hosseini 188) This shows how Amir's guilt over Hassan has still not prompted him to try to atone yet. Instead he merely wishes for a punishment, like when he tried to get Hassan to throw a pomegranate at him.
  • Amir Goes to Find Sohrab

    Amir Goes to Find Sohrab
    Amir travels back to Afghanistan at Rahim Khan's wishes not knowing about Sohrab. After some persuasion Amir decides to go find Sohrab because there was, "A way to end the cycle."(Hosseini 226) Amir has fully acknowledged what he did to Hassan was wrong and is ready to atone for it. He has grown into a strong enough person to face what he did and try to make it better.
  • Amir Stands Up For Sohrab

    Amir introduces Sohrab to Soraya's parents. General Sahib does not agree with their decision to adopt Sohrab and calls him "Hazara boy". Amir gets angry and tells the general that, "[He] will never again refer to him as 'Hazara boy' in [his] presence."(Hosseini 361) Amir has come a long way from thinking of Hassan not as a friend but as a servant to now defending Sorhab from the general's racist views. He now defends what he believes in instead of just listening to what others think.
  • Amir and Sohrab Fly a Kite

    Amir and Sohrab Fly a Kite
    While Amir, Soraya, and Sohrab are at the park to celebrate the Swal-e-Nau Amir and Sohrab fly a kite together. Amir runs the kite for Sohrab saying, "For you, a thousand times over."(Hosseini 371)Here Amir shows how he has made tremendous progress in atoning for what he did. BY invoking the same words Hassan said to him he showed how his conscious efforts have guided him to atonement.