Michael jackson

The king of pop: Michael Jackson

  • Birth

    Michael Jackson was born, in Indiana.
  • The beginning

    The beginning
    Michael Jackson joined the Jackson Brothers.
  • First steps

    First steps
    After becoming Jackson Five, they signed with Epic Records.
  • Going solo

    Going solo
    M.J. recorded and produced the his first solo album, which included the top-chart singles 'Don't stop 'till you get enough' and 'Rock with you'. It won a lot of awards.
  • Thriller

    Thriller album was launched.
  • Charities

    M.J. was invited to to the White House to receive an award for his support of charities. This year he won a lot of Grammys.
  • Marriage

    M.J. married Elvis Presley's daughter. The marriage lasted less than two years.
  • Artist of the century

    Artist of the century
    M.J. won his 22nd American Music Award for artist of the century.
  • Death

    M.J. died while in his bed at his rented mansion, in Los Angeles.
  • Michael Jackson's Memorial

    Michael Jackson's Memorial
    Jackson's Memorial was held in L.A..