The Interwar Years Timeline Activity

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    The Interwar Years Timeline Activity

  • JAPAN: The Washington Conference Starts

  • GERMANY:Hilter Becomes leader of the Nazi Party

  • JAPAN: Four-Power Pact

    Enjoined the United States, Japan, Britain, and France to respect each other’s Pacific island
  • JAPAN: Washington Naval Treaty

    Treaty signed among the major allies
  • GERMANY: The Beer Hall Putsch

    a failed coup defeat led by nazi party leader Hilter
  • GERMANY: The German Chamber Of Deputies Accepts The Dawes Plan

    The Dawes Plan restructures the schedule of German reparations payments so as to reduce the amount of annual payments, and grants Germany a large loan.
  • GERMANY: The Locarno Pacts Are Signed

    The Locarno Pacts are signed in efforts to stabilize relations with Germany and its neighbors.
  • Great Depression

  • JAPAN: Invasion of Manchuria

    Seeking raw materials to fuels it's growing industries
  • JAPAN: South Manchurian Railway is Bombed

    The Manchurian (Mukden) Incident marked the dawn of Japanese military aggression in East Asia. The Kwantung Army alleged that Chinese soldiers had tried to bomb a South Manchurian Railway train. Damage to the railway was minimal and the train arrived at its destination safely.
  • GERMANY: Hitler Becomes Chancellor

  • JAPAN: Japan leaves the League of Nations

  • GERMANY: The German Reichstag Passes The Enabling Act

    The Enabling Act gives Hitler the power to issue decrees with the status of law.
  • JAPAN: Marco Polo Bridge

    Marco Polo Bridge Incident in China initiates invasion of mainland China.
  • JAPAN: Rape of Nanking

    The mass murder and mass rape committed by Imperial Japanese troops against the Nanjing residents
  • GERMANY: Anschluss

    The annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany
  • GERMANY: Invasion of Poland

    Attack on the Second Polish Republic by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union - Marks the beginning of WW2