The Hunger Games timeline

  • Gale and Katniss become good friends

    Katniss and Gale meet in the woods. He teaches Katniss how to make snares so she could catch small creatures. He also helps her with hunting for animals. They share their food that they catch and the money they make.
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    The Hunger Games Timeline

    These are the ten events where Katniss received help from someone.
  • Peetah gives Katniss two loaves of bread

    Peetah is helping Katniss because he can see that she is hungry. Katniss was so hungry that she even looked in the garbage can for some food. Peetah burnt the bread on purpose just for Katniss, knowing he was risking a beating from his mother.
  • Mr. Mellark visits Katniss

    Mr. Mellarks helps Katniss by promising to take care of her little sister Primrose. He said he would make sure she eats. Katniss feels relieved that her family would be taken care of while she is away.
  • Peetah covers for Katniss

    Peetah covers for Katniss at the table when she recognizes the redheaded Avox girl. He didn't want Katniss to get in trouble so he lies for her.
  • Cinna and his team makes Katniss unforgettable

    They fix up Katniss so she looks beautiful for the ceremony and her first (and second) interview. They help Katniss to make sure she stands out and makes the tributes from district 12, the best dressed so they won't be laughed at by the other districts.
  • Katniss and her first interview

    Caesar Flickerman, the man that hosts the interviews, assists Katniss by making her feel comfortable during the interview. He also helps her she's stuck and doesn't know what to say. He does this because he doesn't want her to be/ feel embarrassed.
  • Haymitch mentors Katniss

    Haymitch helps Katniss so she'll be ready to fight in the arena. He advises Katniss because they're in the same district and he's supposed to be a mentor to her and Peetah.
  • Rue and Katniss become allies

    Rue points out the tracker jacker nest to Katniss. Katniss starts cutting the branch with her knife and then drops the nest on her enemies. She gets away while they run to the pond. Rue helped Katniss because she probably wanted the careers dead too since they were the strongest of the tributes. It would make it easier for everyone.
  • Thresh rescues Katniss

    Thresh helps Katniss by killing Clove, who was trying to kill Katniss in the first place. He let's Katniss escape, just this once, since she and Rue were allies and Katniss helped Rue. (Thresh and Rue were in the same district.)
  • Haymitch saves Katniss...again

    Haymitch explains to katniss what to do/ say for her interview. If she doesn't do what he says, she and her family, along with her friends, could be punished and in serious danger by the Capitol.