The Hunger Games: Help Katniss Receives

By gaby886
  • Peeta helps Katniss feed her family.

    When Katniss and her family were starving and mourning over Katniss' father’s death Peeta purposefully drops two loaves of bread into a fire, even though he knew he would be beaten for it, to give the loaves to Katniss. By giving her the bread Peeta had given Katniss hope that she would be able to feed her family.
  • Cinna helps Katniss get sponsors.

    Cinna has Katniss wear flames at the opening ceremony making her stand out from the other tributes. Cinna also tells her and Peeta to hold hands which shows them to be a lot different from the other tributes that don’t even seem to acknowledge each other.
  • Peeta helps make Katniss desirable.

    When Peeta tells Ceasar Flickerman that he loves Katniss he puts the spotlight on both of them and makes the people want to sponsor them. By doing that, Peeta helps himself and Katniss get sponsors that buy them food, medicine, and other things they need throughout the games.
  • Hatmitch helps Katniss find water when she is dehydrated.

    Haymitch helps Katniss find water when she asks for it by not giving it to her. This helps Katniss because it hints to her that she is close to a water source. If Haymitch had just given her water the sponsors could have seen her to be helpless and may not want to sponsor her.
  • Rue helps Katniss escape from the Careers.

    Rue helps Katniss escape from the Careers by showing her the tracker jacker nest above her, giving her the idea to saw the branch and drop it onto the Careers' campsite. If Rue hadn't shown Katniss the tracker jacker nest Katniss would have been caught by the Careers in the morning.
  • Haymitch helps Katniss heal her burns.

    After the game maker’s forest fire Katniss is left with two burned hands and a severely burned upper leg that hinders her capability to fight. But thanks to Haymitch and the burn cream that he sends her she heals much faster.
  • Peeta helps Katniss escape from Cato.

    Peeta helps Katniss by telling her to run when Cato is coming to kill her. If Peeta hadn't told her to run Cato would have caught her and killed her for sure because she was hallucinating from tracker jacker venom.
  • Rue helps Katniss destroy the Careers’ food supply.

    If Rue hadn't told Katniss about the Careers camp's set-up they wouldn't have been able to destroy the Careers' food supply. Without Rue, Katniss wouldn't have been able to distract the Careers and make it back to their camp before they did.
  • Haymitch helps Katniss heal Peeta.

    Haymitch helps Katniss heal Peeta by sending her sleep syrup to give to Peeta so she could go to the feast. Without the sleep syrup Katniss wouldn't have been able to make it to the feast and Peeta would have died from blood poisoning.
  • Thresh helps Katniss escape from Clove.

    When Katniss is stuck under Clove and about to be cut to pieces Thresh kills her with a rock. Then he even lets her go, because she tried to save Rue, when he could have easily killed her right then.