The Hunger Games: Gowan

  • When Peeta Gave Katniss Bread.

    When Katniss was taking a stroll down the street she says a young man walk out and throw her bread. THis is where we first meet Peeta and know that Peeta has feelings for her. Peeta knew that Katniss's family is low on food so he gives Katniss some.
  • When Madge gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin.

    Madge gave Katniss the mockingjay pin out of love. The pin was one of the best things that Madge had and she wanted Katniss to have it because she wanted Katniss to remember home with it.
  • When Cinna made the great opening ceremony dress for Katniss.

    Cinna was not the greatest desinger of clothes. But when Katniss needed a great dress, Cinna Came through. Cinna loved Katniss with all his heart and cared about her a lot.
  • When Gale hunted for katniss's family with Katniss was in the Hunger Games.

    Gale could have done nothing to help Katniss's family. But since Gale cared for her and them, he decided to get fresh meat for them to help them not starve to death.
  • When Rue warned Katniss about the tracker jacker hive.

    Katniss was in a tree above the carrers. She did not know what to do, she was about to die in two ways: the carrers and the tracker jacker hive above. Rue warned her about that. If she didnt care about her she could have just let her die.
  • Peeta saves katniss from the carrers.

    I think that Peeta was only with the carrers to protect Katniss. When the carrers were close Peeta told her to run. Her life got saved because of Peeta.
  • When Rue helped Katniss with the tracker jacker Stings.

    3 or 4 tracker jackers stung Katniss. Katniss was on the ground hurt. Rue cared about Katniss and did not kill her, but tried to save her.Rue really cared about Katniss.
  • When Thresh told Katniss to run away from the carrers.

    When Katniss and Thresh were in the arena for the 74th Hunger Games Thresh saw the Carrers coming so Thresh told Katniss to run away. This shows that Thresh had a soft spot for Katniss. A big enough soft spot to saver her life.
  • When Katniss got the medicine to heal Peeta

    When Katniss got the medicine to heal Peeta. The Sponsor really liked to see them in love. Then Haymith got a sponsor to help save Peeta. This shows how much Haymitch cares for her.
  • When Peeta decided to go with the plan to fake that they are in love.

    When peeta learned that Katniss and him in love was fake, Peeta was not happy. But Peeta also knew that if he didnt play along, Katniss would die. he cared so much for Katniss to play along with it.