The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

  • ch.1 pgs 374

    Fiction: adventure- 1-15 pages, total (15)
    In the start of the book Katniss meets Gale in the woods and they talk about living there, but Katniss gets mad so they stop. Then they head back to their houses to get ready for the reaping. This is when people get picked to fight to the death until there is one winner. Everyone is so nervous because they get their name put in every year and it gets put in extra for every time they go to get tesserae.
  • 15-30 total(30)

    fiction adventure. The reaping starts and Efie picks the girls first. The person was Primrose. Katniss freaks out and volunteers for her. Prim still isn't happy. The they pick Peeta Mellark as the male tribute. Katniss reconizes him. A while back Katniss was laying in the street starving, but Peeta threw her some bread. She took it to her family.
  • 30-90 total(90)

    fiction adventure Katniss and Peeta are taken away into a room to be taken to the capitol. Before they leave they can see visitors. Prim, the mom, Gale, and Peetas dad come visit Katniss. They tell her that it will be ok while she's gone. Then they leave for the capitol and eat lunch with Elie and Haymitch. At the capitol the enter in a chariot in flames! The sponsers loved this.
  • 90-138 total(138)

    Fiction Adventure. 90-138 total(138) Katniss and Peeta ride in a chariot on fire. Everyone loved this. After they settle down they go to practice for the games. You can learn knot tying, survival tips or killing tips. They stay away from what they're good at. After they go to individual traning. Katniss goes in and shoots, but no one is looking so she shoots an arrow right at the sponsors. She thinks they're mad, but they really liked this. She recieved the highest score you can get.
  • 90-173 total (173)

    Fiction Adventure 90-173 Total(173) The Hunger Games begin! All the tributes are standing in their tube, but can't move for a minute. Katniss is looking around to see what she can get and where big fighters are. The bell sounds and she runs to get a bag. Luckily, she gets out becauase she almost gets killed. She gets far away so she looks for water. Just in time, she finds water and eats whats in her bag.
  • 174-211 total(211)

    fiction adventure Total:211 The gamemakers set off a forest fire that fire flaming balls of fire. Katniss gets drilled in the leg. She can barely walk so she hides in a tree. A sponsor sends her ointment to help the stinging go away. Then while shes up there some tributes find her. Luckily a huge tracker jacker nest is right next to her. She cuts it down and kills two of them. She gets stung so she hallucinates. Peeta comes to save her. She wakes up by Rue. They are now alliances.
  • 211-247 total(247)

    Katniss is waking up from the tracker jackers. Her and Rue eat breakfast together then make a plan to mess with the careers. They are going to blow up all their supplies. Rue sets of a fire to distract them then Katniss sends an arrow through a bag of apples and blows up everything. She goes to find Rue, but she's caught in a trap when she tries to help Rue gets killed. Katniss is sad and mad so she is going to win foe Rue
  • 247-264

    Fiction adventure 247-264 total (264) Katniss hears that two tributes can win if they're from the same district so her and Peeta could win. She finds Peeta and has to help him because he got cut by Cato. She hides him underground and helps him all the time. She acts like she really loves him by kissing, and treating him well. She hopes the sponsors will help.
  • 264-282

    Fiction adventure 264-282 total(282) Katniss keeps caring for Peeta and acting like they're loving each other. They tell the tributes that something is at the cornicopia for them. Katniss tries to get it, but Peeta doesn't want her to. She gives Peeta medicine to pass out, then she leaves. People are hiding for the first one to go out in the open.
  • 282-374 total (374)

    fiction adventure 282-374 total (374) The hunger games came to a close. Peeta and Katniss were both crowned victors even after another rule change. They were only gonna let one person win no matter what , but Katniss and Peeta were both gonna eat poison berries so there was no winner. They came over the speaker before they did it and both of them won. They get picked up and taken back to the capitol. They are happ, but Haymitch isn't. He said they've made the gamemakers mad. There worried.