The House on Hill Top Road

Timeline created by Airfleck
  • Walter Fielding buys 105 Hill Top Road

  • Alfred Fielding inherits 105 Hill Top Road

  • Raymond Fielding inherits 105 Hill Top Road

  • Henry White disappears

  • 105 Hill Top Road burns down

    A week after Henry White disappears
  • Jude Perry meets Agnes Montague

  • Agnes starts coming to Canyon Cafe

  • Ronald Sinclair's Statement

  • Legal complications about ownership of Hill Top Road are settled

  • Jack Barnabas asks Agnes out

    end - date speculated
  • Ivo Lesnik uproots the tree at 105 Hill

    Top Road
  • Agnes Montague found dead

  • Agnes kisses Jack Barnabas

  • Eugene Vanderstock's Statement

  • Ivo Lesnik's Statement

  • Jack Barnabas' Statement

  • Anya Villette's Statement

  • Anya Villette cleans 105 Hill Top Road

  • Anya Villette’s believed date

    date approximated
  • Edwin Burrough's Statement