The Host, Stephanie Meyer, Fiction, 619

By Cicali
  • pg 1-14

    Wanderer, an alien from another planet gets inserted into her new human form, but the human keeps taking over, and wanderer can't control this new life form. Total (305)
  • pg. 14 -68

    Wanderer is teaching a class at the University and Melanie usually stays quiet through out this. However, when they are sleeping, Melanie lets different memories slip, and these are almost exactly what Wanderer is looking for. The Seeker pops back in and both Melanie and Wanderer strongly dislike her that they actually agree on something. Wanderer starts forgeting that she is the alien, and barely begins to feel protective over Jamie and Jared. total (359)
  • 68-100

    Wnaderer decides that she will "skip" this planet meaning that she will leave Melanie's body and try to move on to a more colmliant host. However, since the Seeker is coming along, Wanderer decides to drive to Arizona rather than fly. This caused Wanderer to look deeper into Melanie, and found out where there is a potential place for "rogue" humans. Wanderer grabs some water and heads into the desert. Total ( 391)
  • 100-138

    Melanie and Wanderer found a cabin, with a little water and some smashed Twinkies. four days later, they haven't found the hiding spot, have ran out of water and food and are very dehydrated. Then Uncle Jeb finds them and decides to take this "alien" in because it's his niece. Nobody likes this idea. Back in the cave, they meet Jared, who has hardened and decides they can't give Melanie to the Doc, but he's already softening. Total (429)
  • 138-232

    They realize Wanderer is a soul, but they keep her locked up for a bit, and feed her. They don't kill her yet, that is Jared's decision. Jeb let's Wanda (her new nickname) out of her cell when Jared and a few others go on a raid. The point is to get the group accostumed to Wanda. Jamie and Ian start to grow closer to Wanda too. total (523)
  • 232-327

    People grow close to Wanda, hearing her stories of past planets, but when Jared and the others get back, only a few hold their heads high, not shameful that they like Wanda. Jared makes a decision, but Jamie has grown close enough that it is also his decision. Walter gets very sick and he will probably die. Wanda stays with him for a long time. total (618)
  • 328-427

    They couldn't save Walter, and Wanda was allowed to be present during his burial. When Wanda goes to the wash room to clean up, Kyle attacks her in the dark. The floor starts to break underneath them and Wanda still tries to save Kyle. Ian comes to help. They hold a tribunal and decide that Kyle can stay because Wanda doesn't testify against him. Later, she walks into Doc when he is trying to get a soul out of a human. total (718)
  • 428-529

    Wanda forced elanie out of her head and now is frantic to get her back, and she does, after kissing Ian and then Jarerd. Jamie is very sick with an infection and Jared takes Wanda on a "raid" to steal the medical supplies. this is easy for Wanda because her kind are very unsuspecting. Kyle, Jared, Ian, and Wanda go on one long raid to get many more supplies. Going back to the cave, a soul has gone missing and the Seekers are out looking. The 4 still make it back clear. total (818)
  • 529-end (619)

    The seeker is in the caves, and Wanda decides to save her. She shows Doc how to gently remove a soul and makes him promise to put the souls back on the ship to a better planet. Out of 4 humans, only one was lost due to the original being nonexistant. Wanda also makes Doc promise to do the same thing to her, and let her die as a soul, and to bury her next to Walter and Wes. Doc doesn't want to, but promises anyway.
  • 529-end (cont.)

    Ian, who is in love with Wanda, not Melanie, isn't supposed to know, but after Kyle brings home his lost love, Jodi/(soul) Sunny, Wanda tries to coax Sunny that she doesn't want a host anymore and Ian finds out that Wanda plans to leave. Wanda curls up into Ian, but leaves in the night to find Doc. Doc performs but doesn't kill Wanda, Ian holds her until Melanie, Jamie and Jared return with a new host body. Sunny stays and so does Wanda. In the end, everyone has their love back. total (908)