THe History of Wolfmead

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    The Colonization of Wolfmead

    In these 83 years people from all over the world came to live at Wolfmead . At first tourists came from all over the world to tour this empty human -less place. Then tourists became citizens. In 1780 the population of Wolfmead was 2,456,789. At that time the world population was about 949,409,344 people.
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    The Organization of Wolfmead

    Up until 1865 things were perfect. Then the main problem began. The country was defensless. They didn't have a government or an army to defend the so called " country. " To be a real country they needed to organize their country by creating a proper government, and they needed to create an army. This would take many years . But to do all this creating they needed leaders to guide them through the process. But how were they going to pick their leaders? Then came the idea of voting.
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    The Organization of Wolfmead (continued)

    The person who brought up the idea of voting was James Cox. Then In 1884 the first voting event took place. In this election people were voting on whether they should have a communism or socialism government . 84% of the people voted "Yes" and 16% voted " No."The second voting event took place to decide whether Wolfmead should have a president and a governor. 98% of the people voted "Yes" and 2% voted "No." The 3rd voting event was to see what type of economy Wolfmead should have.
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    The organization of Wolfmead Part 3

    The two options were limited or mixed. Everyone voted for mixed. The last voting event was tl chose the President and governor. The participant to become president and governor were James Cox and William Bruth. The president turned out to be James Cox and the governor turned out to ne Williams Bruth. Now that they had their leaders they began their building.
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    The Grand Celebration

    By Christmas of 1985 , the organization was finished. They had an army of 10,000 men & women. On January 1, 1986 the whole country came to the country's capital, Wolfen, to celebrate their achievements and the first day of the new year. Everybody was excited and happy to enter the new year with an actual country.
  • The First School

    The first school was opened on February 1,1990 at the capital of Wolfmead which was Wolfen. It's name was Public School of Wolfen. When this school opened people who lived far from the school had to travel to Wolfen to find a job and house so they could send their kids to school.
  • The Discovery of the First Phone Computer

    The first phone was discovered Sepetember 26, 2012. This phone computer looks like a phone but is actually a high tech computer.