the history of the revolver

  • Pepper Box

    Pepper Box
    the first revolver, and was populer in 1830 up to the civil war
  • the volcanic revolver

    the volcanic revolver
    the volcanic was a revolver and lever action in the same gun
  • first enclosed cilender

    first enclosed cilender
    this was the first revolver modles with an enclosed cilenderdering the 1860's
  • the third modle

    the third modle
    this is the third modle of a revolver and it is the secont modle dering the civil war
  • .357 from world war 1

    .357 from world war 1
    the .357 was a light, axeret, and low recool hand gun it was used in world war 2 as well
  • modern revolvers

    modern revolvers
    the ar hundreds of revolver modle is doble action witch is sumi audo
  • the Judge revolverr

    the Judge revolverr
    the judge revolver is the latest revolver made. the judge is a 410,45 pistile, the 410 is a small shot gun and the 45 is a small rifle.