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The History of the Combat Tank

  • Period: to

    The History of Tanks

  • World War I begins

  • Production of the French FT-17 is started

  • British Mark I tank enters service in WWI

    The first known combat tank to actively see military combat
  • The first shells designed to fit tank turrets were designed

  • The First German Panzer tank is built by Heinz Guderian

  • Germany invades Poland using its Blitzkrieg strategy

  • Edward Uhl invents the bazooka to allow infantry to destroy enemy tanks

  • German King Tiger tanks are commisioned to fight against the allies. They prove to be devastating against allied armor

  • Allied armor proved critical at the Battle of The Bulge

  • Flamethrower tanks used at the battle of Iwo Jima to clear out Japanese bunkers

  • The 105mm gun allowed tanks to pack an extra punch on the battlefield

  • Tank Armements progressed during the cold war era

  • M46 Patton tanks are deployed in the Korean War

  • The Vietnam War Begins

  • M46 Pattons are deployed in the Vietnam War. They prove to be ineffective however due to rough jungle terrain

  • Kevlar is invented by the DuPont company. This new and strong material revolutionized tank armor

  • Electronic interfaces progressed thus increasing tank precision and effectiveness

  • American M1A1 Abrams tanks are sent to partake in the Gulf War. They do so with great success

  • M1 Abrams Tanks are deployed in Afghanistan post 9/11

  • British Challenger 2 are deployed in operation Iraqi Freedom