The History of the Camera

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  • First Camera Invented

    First Camera Invented
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    The first camera was created in 1814 by Joseph Niepce, called the Camera Obscura.
  • Camera introduced to the public

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    Camera was introduced to the general public by George Eastman.
  • First Mass marketed Camera

    First Mass marketed Camera
    The first mass marketed camera, the Brownie was invented
  • Underwater camera invented

    In 1960 an extreme depth underwater camera was developed by EG&G for the US Navy.
  • First Point-and-shoot Camera Invented

    Konica introduced the first point-and-shoot autofocus camera in 1978
  • First Digital Camera

    Finally in 1984 Canon demonstrated the first digital electronic still camera.
  • Modern Camera

    Modern Camera
    Modern camera features include, Face Detection and Smart Camera features, LCD viewers, and 3d capability
  • Lytro Camera

    Lytro Camera
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    Lytro is a new camera that is being released in 2012.