The History of Scott Fahlman

Timeline created by patel2610
  • Ph.D

    Scott Falhman revieved his Ph. D from MIT.
  • N. E. Berg Company, Bedford NH

    N. E. Berg Company, Bedford NH
    Consultant, developing software for document production and a specialized operating system.
  • Carnegie Mellon University

    Carnegie Mellon University
    Fahlman was a research Professor of Computer Science since 1994.
  • Creation of Emoticons

    Creation of Emoticons
    Scott Fahlman sent a message containing the original smilely face.
  • Australian National AI Conference

    Australian National AI Conference
    Keynote twice at Australian National AI Conference.
  • IEEE Computer

    IEEE Computer
    Scott Fahlman was a member of the editorial board.
  • Neurocomputing

    Scott was a member of the editorial board for the journal Neurocomputing.
  • Justsystem Pittsburgh Research Center

    Justsystem Pittsburgh Research Center
    Fahlman was one of the directors of Justsystem Pittsburgh Research Center. Justsystem Pittsburgh Research Center focuses on work in machine vision, text classification and summarization, programming environments and user interface design.