The History of Saint Patrick's Day

By Zaralah
  • 425

    The Callings of God

    At the age of 16, Patrick is kidnapped by Irish Raiders. While in captivity, he heard God tell him to escape to the coast, where a boat would be waiting to take him to Britain. He escaped, and worked as a priest in Britain.
  • 432

    Hello, St. Patrick

    St. Patrick is called back from Britain to Ireland, as a bishop. He works to convert Irish to Christianity
  • Period: 450 to

    The begginning of St. Patrick

  • 452

    Conversion to Christianity

    He used old Irish religious traditions to convince the Irish to convert to Christianity. He combined the religions.
  • 461


    On this day, St. Patrick was assaulted by snakes while undertaking a 40-day fast on top of a hill. He used his staff, and, according to myth, banished all snakes from Ireland. Stories such as this is what made St. Patrick so famous and powerful in his saintliness.
  • The First Parade

    This parade took place as a celebration of the instigation of the Irish Protestant organization, The Knights of St. Patrick. The first of the celebrations took place in a ballroom.
  • The Celebrations

    The second of the celebrations took place at the Rotunda.
  • The First Festival

    On this day, the first St. Patrick's Day festival was held.
  • The First Festival, cont.

    In 1997, the festivals became a three day event.
  • The First Festival, cont.

    By 2000, the festivals had become four-day events.
  • Today

    Even today, we still celebrate the patron of Ireland with his shamrock, color, and respect.