The history of refrigerator

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  • Refrigeration technology

    Refrigeration technology
    The history of artificial refrigeration began when Scottish professor William Cullen. He designed a small refrigerating machine in 1755. other people have been trying to build an ice mechanical machine.
  • ice boxes

    ice boxes
    Before the refrigerator people used ice boxes and ice houses. these ice boxes were made out of wood. You would put ice and let it cool inside then you put your food and just leave there. If the ice were to melt you would have to obtain a new one from a iceman.
  • The freezer

    The freezer
    freezers are used in households. The freezer held their temperature at −23 to −18 °C (−9 to 0 °F which is safe for food storage.
  • The first refrigerator

    The first refrigerator
    The first refrigerator was introduce in 1927. It was called the "monitor top" but that thing on top used eiter sulfur dioxide. Which is corrosive to the eyes and may cause loss of vision , painful skin burn.
  • The style of the refrigerator

    The style of the refrigerator
    in the early 1950's most refrigerator were white. Later in the mid-1950's they starte to design and put color in the refrigerator. 1950-1960's the colors that became popular were pink and turquoise (pastel). Later on in other years other colors started to become popular.