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The History of Prosthetics- Then to Now

  • 450

    Peg Legs

    Peg legs and crutches, made of wood and leather were invented.
  • Feb 12, 1508

    Gotz Von Berlichingen

    Gotz Von Berlichingen made the first pair of advanced iron hands.
  • Feb 12, 1529

    Ambroise Pare

    He made an artificial leg with the first movable knee joint.
  • Pieter Verduyn

    Verduyn invents the first prosthetic leg with a non-locking knee.
  • First Copper/Wooden Leg Discovered

    Archaeologists uncover the first copper and wooden leg in Capri, Italy thought to have come from around 300 B.C.
  • Civil War Promotes Changes

    The U.S. government starts paying for war veterans that lost limbs.
  • Gustav Hermann

    Gustav Hermann makes the first aluminum leg.
  • Prosthetics for the Population

    Electrical prosthetics devices are introduced and are available for general use.
  • Ysidro Martinez

    Ysidro Martinez makes an improved below-knee prosthesis.
  • Modern Development

    Prosthetics now use plastic and fiber glass, and some are controlled by thoughts.