The history of New York City!

  • The South Street Seaport

    The South Street Seaport
    The South Street Seaport was once located near the Fulton Street. It was a popular sopt where you could find alot of different kinds of seafoods! There was also a South Street Seaport Museum, it had large shoips/boats. Near by there was a shopping and eating boardwalk! It is really close to the Brooklyn Bridge.
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    The History New York City!

  • Madison Square

    Madison Square
    Madison Square was mostly a residental area. After the opening of the Fifth Avenue Hotel, the area started to become the center of New York's social life. It also has a park that is surrounded by historic landmarks from the Gilded Age, including the famous Flatiron building and the classical Metlife tower.
  • Bryant Park

    Bryant Park
    In the ealy 19th centry, The Bryant Park was known as the Reservoir square. It was named after Croton reservoir that was constructed to the square around 1853. In 1884 the square was renamed Bryant Park after William Cullen Bryant, a poet and lawyer.
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral

    St. Patrick's Cathedral
    The St. Patrick's Cathedral is on the Fifth Avenue. After it was built the Catholic population of New York City continued to rise. Alot of famous people got married here aslo.
  • Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge
    The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge took about 14 years. John Roebling was the person who was behind all of the work. It was a huge bridge in New York! Also, 20 of the in total 600 workers died while working on the bridge. It was horrible!
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    The Metropoplitan Museum of Art was founded by group of New York citizens. There are alot of amazing painting and pictures by some very famous artist. The two million works of art are divied into 22 curatorial departments which are spread out over and about 250 rooms.
  • The Madison Square Garden

    The Madison Square Garden was located in Madison Square. When it first openedit was in a former hippodrome located at the northeast corner of Madison Avenue and 26th street.
    There are alot of enterinments.
  • The Wall Street

     The Wall Street
    If you were a large financial institution or other big business, Wall Steet was the place you wanted to be at. So many buildings sprung up on this tip of Manhattan that the Wall Street district began to boast its own distinct skyline, separate from the buildings in Midtown. It was so busy! There were alot of good and unqiue things to see such as, buildings, museums, stores etc.
  • The Ellis Island

    The Ellis Island
    Ellis Island was the immigrant gateway to America. More than 12 million people would arrive here on the way to their new life in a new country. Some were poor, or ill and others had family memmbers waiting on the other side of the gate. It's also very close to The Staute of Liberety.
  • The Flatiron Building.

    The Flatiron Building.
    The most famous building in the district is the Flatiron Building. It was constructed in 1902 by a famous person,Daniel Burnham. The building was named after the construcation company and It was 21 storys up.
  • Metlife Tower

    Metlife Tower
    The Metlife Tower was constructed near Madison Square park in 1909. It was added to the original 1893 headquarters. It was 700ft tall and it had 51 stories. When it was built, it was the tallest building in New York.
  • Grand Central Terminal

    Grand Central Terminal
    It is a grand Beaux-Arts building that is used as a transportation hub connecting train, metro, car and pedestrian traffic in an efficient way. It has 67 train tracks on two different levels.
  • Time Square

    Time Square
    Time Square, located in New York city. At the end of the 19th centry, New York expaned up to 42ns street and the area was becoming more popular. Also, alot of movies are flimed in Time Square.
  • The New York Life Insurance Company Building.

    The New York Life Insurance Company Building.
    The New York Life Insurance Company Building is located near the Madison Square. The building is known for its octagonal gilded spire. It was built by Cass Gilbert
  • The Museum Mile

    The Museum Mile
    The Museum Mile is known as that "Museum of New York City." there were alot of unique and expensive painting in this museum.
  • The Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts

    The Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts
    It was more than a normal buidling, it was 6.3 acres (6,6 ha)big. It was for the music, dance, and theater. It is home to 12 institutions, including the Metropolitan Opera, the Lincoln Center Theater, the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Ballet.
  • Chinatown

    Chinatown is a popular place in New York City to shop, eat varities of foods, and activies, In the 1980's it started out in the lower part of Manhattan. There are alot of builidings and landmarks to explore. In Chinatown there is the oldest Catholic church builiding.
  • The Trump Tower

    The Trump Tower
    The Trump Tower is located on Fifth Avenue near 56th Street in the midtown section of Manhattan. It was 58-story and it was built by Der Scutt. It was 664 feet tall.
  • The Staute of Liberty

    The Staute of Liberty
    The Statue of Liberty National Monument officially celebrated her 100th birthday on October 28, 1986. The people of France gave the Statue to the people of the United States over one hundred years ago in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution. It is the symbol of freedom.
  • The Little Italy

    The Little Italy
    A mini Italy in New York! It was located near the lower part of Manhattan between the Canal and Houston Streets. At the end of the 19th centry it was popluted with around 40,000 Italians. Although, today there are only small percentage of them living there.