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The History of Mass Media

  • Jan 1, 1440

    Johannes Gutenberg Creates Printing Press

    Johannes Gutenberg Creates Printing Press
    Johannes Gutenberg, from Germany, developed the printing press. It revolutionized not only printing, but helped advance science, arts and religion with increasing the availability of educational texts.
  • The first recognized newspaper

    Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien, printed by Johann Carolous in Strasburg Germany. This is considered the first newspaper because it was in print, had multiple articles, included a date and was printed on a regular basis with new articles.
  • Radio Waves Making a Splash

    Marconi established the first transatlantic radio communications service.
  • Broadcast Television

    The first televised drama started airing regularly on Septembet 11th 1928
  • And then there was internets

    The term internet was coined (internetworking) to explain the linking between the currently existing networks. This allowed people to globally connect to one another.
  • Yourspace? Myspace!

    in 2003 Tom Anderson and other former eUniverse employees started MySpace. The first iconic social media website.
  • Operation Facebook Commence

    Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook as a means to better connect with those you know.