The History of Headphones

  • The Invention of the headphones

    The Invention of the headphones
    Nathaniel BaldwinNathaniel Baldwin created headphones in his kitchen. He started making more by hand and selling them to the US Navy
  • Beyerdynamic

    beyerdynamic and other informationIn Germany, a company called Beyerdynamic started making the first dynamic headphones and named them DT-48
  • Koss

    KossJohn C. Koss made the first stereo headphones
  • BeatlePhones

    Koss started to make headphones with pictures with the Beatles on them which were wildly popular.
  • First Electrostatic Headphones

    Koss made the Koss ESP/6 which were the first electrostatic headphones.
  • Walkman!

    Sony came out with the Walkman, sort of a huge ipod, and with it came much smaller and lighter weight headphones
  • iPod

    With the release of the iPod, ear phones became popular and throughout the 2000's ear buds become more popular
  • Beats by Dr. Dre

    In 2008 celebrity endorsed headphones started to become more and more popular with endorsments by Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, and Diddy