Hair bow

The History of Hair Accessories

By 33843
  • 200

    Roman hair net (B.C)

    Roman hair net (B.C)
    This ancient Roman hair net is made of gold, and a small amount of silver.
  • 300

    Japanese hair ornaments (B.C)

    Japanese hair ornaments (B.C)
    These accessories are made of bones.
  • Jan 1, 1101

    Iranian hair ornament

    Iranian hair ornament
    This hair ornament is composed mostly of gold.
  • Jan 1, 1455

    French head veil

    French head veil
    Women of high class would use very expensive fabrics to make their veils.
  • Russian hair accessory

    Russian hair accessory
    This hair accessory is fashioned out of silk, pearls, and semi-precious metals.
  • Elaborate 18th century hairstyle

    Elaborate 18th century hairstyle
    During the 18th century, women wore a multitude of different pins, flowers, braids, and ribbons in their hair.
  • Egyptian wig (B.C)

    Egyptian wig (B.C)
    This wig is adorned with gold rings.
  • Swiss hair clip

    Swiss hair clip
    This hair clip is made of tin.