The History of Famous Logos

  • History of Coca Cola Logo

    Throughout 1887 to 2011, the design of the Coca Cola logo has been changed many times. In 1969, the famous white line under the words was added. In 2011, the company celebrated 125 years of business.
  • The History of the Nike Logo

    Carolyn Davidson was the creator of the famous Nike logo that is worth $10.7 billion today. They chose the Nike logo because the Greek God of Victory was named Nike. They registered the logo for their trademark in 1995.
  • History of the Apple Logo

    Designed by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976. It featured the famous Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. The logo at the time was not good enough to Jobs. He needed more color.
  • The MTV Logo Design History

    MTV has been around for quite some time. Frank Olinsky and some co-workers were assigned to come up with a logo for it. Notes and musical symbols were their earliest ideas. A few designers played around with what a designer had ceated and came up with the logo that is seen on TV today.