The History of Education

By ceci09
  • Attendance

    The average lifetime school attendance less than 82 days.
  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson
    Proposed a Bill that would require all non-slave students to attend school for 3 years.
  • Noah Webster

    Noah Webster
    Created the Blue backed speller. It was designed to teach the students about the United States.
  • Emma Hart

    Emma Hart
    Advocated higher education for woman
  • Horace Mann

    Horace Mann
    Believed education was important for democracy and that teachers should be considered professionals.
  • John Hughes

    John Hughes
    Wanted city funds for Catholic schools. Led to the great school debates.
  • Catherine Beecher

    Catherine Beecher
    Published "A Treatise on Domestic Economy". Believed a woman's proper role was at home.
  • Frederick Douglas

    Frederick Douglas
    Believed that education could bring freedom to all.
  • John Hughes

    John Hughes
    Became archbishop and founded Catholic schools.
  • Law

    In Massachusetts schools became integrated after a law was passed banning segregation.
  • Percentage

    Only 6% of 17 year old graduated high school. 50% of children were in school an average of 5 years.
  • William A. Wirt

    William A. Wirt
    Wanted students to move around and have a rich school experience. He helped found The Gary Plan/Work-Study.
  • children

    Over 2 million children were working across America.
  • John Purroy MItchel

    John Purroy MItchel
    put The Gary plan into action in 30 New York schools, which drove to violent controversy.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt
    former President, called for English only curriculum.
  • English

    35 states required instruction in English only.
  • Ellwood P. Cubberley

    Ellwood P. Cubberley
    pioneered the use of the school survey as an instrument to improve education.
  • Scopes Monkey Trial

    Scopes Monkey Trial
    John Scopes was accused of teaching evolution in violation of Tennessee law.
  • Pierce v. Society of sisters

    Established legitimacy of parochial and private schools.
  • Child labor

    Child labor
    Law banned child labor and made it mandatory for children to attend school until at least age 16.
  • Lewis Terman

    Lewis Terman
    Popularized IQ testing in the classroom. Believed that intelligence test could help better America.
  • West Virginia State Board of Eduation V Barnette

    West Virginia State Board of Eduation V Barnette
    Ruled that students can not be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance due to the first Amendment.
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Brown vs. Board of Education
    Court declared separate public schools for black and white students to be unconstitutional.
  • Little Rock

    Little Rock
    Central High school called for the National Guard to escort students to class after huge controversy over desegregation.
  • Julian Nava

    Julian Nava
    Led fight to ban IQ test in Los Angeles.
  • Engel Vs Vitale

    Engel Vs Vitale
    Public schools are no longer allowed to have prayer services during school hours
  • Lyndon Johnson

    Lyndon Johnson
    Believed education an equal chance at education meant an equal chance at life.
  • Abiington v Schemp

    Abiington v Schemp
    Ruled that the Bible could not be read in schools unless used as a piece of literature.
  • Civil Rights Act

    Outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    Set to strengthen education resources and increase federal funds.
  • Bilingual Eduation Act

    Provided funding for language Iinstruction
  • Jose Angel Gutierrez

    Jose Angel Gutierrez
    Helped empower Chicano students draw a list of demands to the school board demanding equal rights.
  • Tinker V Des Moines Indendent School District

    Students have the right to express their opinion on controversial issues as long as it does not disrupt the educational process.
  • Busing

    Became a lawful remedy for segregation.
  • Lemon Law

    Lemon Law
    Test used to determine whether or not we are entangled in religion.
  • Integration

    91% of Southern black children attended integrated schools.
  • Title IX

    Title IX
    Modeled after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It prohibited federal grants to schools or programs that discriminated on basis of gender.
  • Bilingual

    Teaching materials were printed in nearly 70 different languages.
  • Dorothy Raffel

    Filed law suit charging the government with failure to enforce Title IX.
  • IDEA

    Education for All Handicapped Children Act is passed
  • Choice

    Junior High students in East Harlem were allowed to choose students whether alternative or regular school.
  • A Nation at Risk

    A Nation at Risk
    Report of President Ronald Reagan's National Commission on Excellence in Education. It contributed to the assertion that American schools were failing.
  • Testing Practices

    Testing Practices
    Standardized test adopted for each grade level.
  • Bethel v. Fraser

    Allowed for schools to reprimand and punish students for lewd or indecent behavior if it disrupted the learning environment.
  • Hazelwood v Kuhlemier

    States that administrators are to monitor and control the content of all school sponsored publications and activities.
  • Vouchers

    George Bush allowed vouchers for low income students to attend private schools at tax paying expense.
  • Homeschool legalized

    Homeschool legalized
  • Flores v Aizona

    Students claimed that the state failed to adequately fund programs for English language learners.
  • Vouchers Part 2

    Vouchers Part 2
    It was declared that vouchers for religious schools violated the separation of Church & State.
  • Charted Schools

    Charted Schools
    Charter schools in Arizona become a new form of public education.
  • Kinder

    I started kindergarten at Avondale elementary school.
  • Columbine High school

    Two Columbine High School students go on a killing spree that leaves 15 dead and 23 wounded at the Littleton, Colorado school, making it the nations' deadliest school shooting incident. Schools tighten safety procedures as a result of the Columbine massacre.
  • Santa Fe school district v. Doe

    Santa Fe school district v. Doe
    The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the district's policy of allowing student-led prayer prior to football games violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    No Child Left Behind Act
    Mandates high-stakes student testing, holds schools accountable for student achievement levels, and provides penalties for schools that do not make adequate yearly progress toward meeting the goals of NCLB.   
  • American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009

    Provides more than 90-billion dollars for education, nearly half of which goes to local school districts to prevent layoffs and for school modernization and repair.
  • Highschool

    I graduated from Trevor Browne high school.
  • Transgender

    The Minnesota State High School League votes on December 4 to adopt a policy allowing transgender students to join female sports teams.
  • Restrooms

    The federal government tells school districts "to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity." Though the directive is not a law, districts that do not comply could face lawsuits or lose federal aid.