By awisell
  • First Latin Grammar School

    First Latin Grammar School
  • Harvard

    First college established!
  • New England Primer

    New England Primer
    Most popular device for learning. Lead to the creating and implementation of textbooks.
  • Webster introduced first "SPELLER"

    Webster introduced first "SPELLER"
  • First Ever School for Girls open

    First Ever School for Girls open
    Philadelphia. Gave girls an equal chance to learn basic skills.
  • Bill Of Rights make States responsible for Education

    Bill Of Rights make States responsible for Education
  • Technology integrated into the classroom

    Technology integrated into the classroom
    THE CHALKBOARD was a new technology to teachers across America. There had to be "how to" manuals for teachers to understand how to use this new technology. pg. 186
  • First Public Schools Open

    First Public Schools Open
    Putting public schools in almost every town to educate the children of America!
  • Massachusetts Passes the first education Laws

    Massachusetts Passes the first education Laws
    Goal is to help immigrant children who need skills to become workers.
  • First Mandatory Attendanec Law

    First Mandatory Attendanec Law
    Massachusetts coming in again with the first ever attendance law. If student's didn't come to school, they could end up in jail.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson was Legalized

    Plessy v. Ferguson was Legalized
    Separate but Equal
  • Montessori School Open in NY

    Montessori School Open in NY
    First ever Montessori school opened in New York
  • "Books will soon be obsolete in the Schools"

    "Books will soon be obsolete in the Schools"
    Thomas Edison stated this in 1913 with the implementation of new technologies within the school, giving a new look to education.
  • Democracy and Education

    Democracy and Education
    John Dewey published his book, "Democracy and Education." Made a hands on learning style approved.
  • Headphones

    Headphones were brought into schools in the 1950's. But haven't been used as much as they are today. With students having laptops and required to do their work solely on computers, headphones are a teachers sanity saver. They allow the student to get the audio necessity, but they allow peace and quiet.
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    Brown V. Board of Education ruled that "separate but legal" was unconstitutional, leading to diversity within schools.
  • Television

    Television was invented in 1927, but it wasn't brought into a classroom until the 1960's. This allowed teachers to show educational videos to help get information to students... and made substitute teacher's jobs SO MUCH EASIER
  • GIS Software

    GIS Software
    A technology based software that uses maps for analysis, data, careers and uses the satellites.
  • Overhead Projectors

    Overhead Projectors
    Originally used for US military training, brought into schools to help students see materials on board.
  • No more Bible in public Schools

    No more Bible in public Schools
    The Bible was removed from public schools, which removed religion from curriculum.
  • ESEA

    Elementary and Secondary Education Act gave students the right to a fair paced learning. Helped give opportunities to all students.
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    Education would be nowhere near what it is today without the Internet. Teachers using the internet to communicate, get educational resources, as well as google answers. Without the internet, we would be lost.
  • Email

    Email was created and over the past ten years, it has been one of the most increased ways of communication.
  • Title IX

    Title IX
    Giving girls equal opportunities in sports. For every sport for boys, girls get a sport as well.
  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone
    It didn't look nearly the way it does today, but the "mobile phone" was invented. The way it is used now, education is thrown for a loop because of this invention.
  • Education for all Handicapped Children Act

    Education for all Handicapped Children Act
    Students with disabilities were no longer discriminated against. There had to make schools accessible for students and staff who have disabilities because they have equal right to an education like anyone else.
  • VHS based VCR

    VHS based VCR
    VCR's made it possible to play videos onto the TV in classrooms.
  • Mobile Computers... LAPTOPS

    Mobile Computers... LAPTOPS
    Laptops were invented and integrated into schools to help students have access to information without having to sit at a stationary computer.

    Education system was failing, leading to improvement from government
  • Smartboard

    Smart boards allowed teachers to write directly on them while also adding to the course material. Unlike the old overhead projector, the smart board was another new technology brought into the classroom to best assist students.
  • Student Loans... OF DOOM

    Student Loans... OF DOOM
    Federal Government started lending direct student loans to students to help pay for education... little did they know the trillions of dollars in debt it would leave the nation's people.
  • PowerPoint in the Classroom

    PowerPoint in the Classroom
    Power Point changed presentations and note taking forever!
  • Kindergarten

    I started Kindergarten in 2000 at Riley Elementary School.
  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind
    Thanks GWB! No Child Left Behind is a great idea in theory. But it makes every student, despite ability, take the exact same tests.
  • Terror attacks on World Trade Center

    Terror attacks on World Trade Center
    9/11/2001, I was in first grade. My life changed forever and I didn't know it. The world shifted around us, and ultimately we were a huge part of history.
  • Tablets

    Tablets were brought into the classroom for hands on learning. They also helped get rid of massive text books for students in the classroom.
  • Twitter

    Teachers have moved some learning onto the social media twitter. They are able to get content and information out to students, as young as kindergarten to use technology in and out of the classroom.
  • Prezi

    A new way to create presentations and give information to students.
  • Online Grading

    Online Grading
    Students used to be able to steal a teacher's gradebook off of their desk, not anymore. With the gradebook being online, that eliminates a lot of work for a teacher. If a teacher, heaven forbid spilled their coffee on the gradebook, their hard work and records would be gone!
  • Security Cameras in School

    Security Cameras in School
    Schools began having security cameras to ensure safety of students and staff.
  • E-Book

    E-Books get rid of the 15 pound book, and instead put them on the computers the students are required to have. It gives them the same opportunities as a regular book
  • Dakota State University

    Dakota State University
    I started my college experience in Madison, South Dakota. I received a scholarship to play softball, but ended up getting injured. I had a concussion and so my education was halted for a semester.
  • Graduation

    I graduated from high school in 2013 from Lincoln Northeast High School.
  • Zoom

    Instant Messaging service that helps teachers communicate. Being used immensely now by students and teachers with the schools being shut down. Allows instant messages as well as video chats.
  • Apple Pencil

    Apple Pencil
    Stylus pen to use on tablets so students can design and create in a more effective way!
  • Northeast

    I started working at Northeast High school in 2018 as a special education para. My job was to help students with disabilities get the information and education they needed. I was their advocate and still to this day, I advocate for my kids.
  • Southeast Community College

    Southeast Community College
    Continuing my education, I transferred home from South Dakota (HELL) to finish my degree in secondary education. I will be finishing my associates degree before moving on to another institution.
  • Talkers for Students with Disabilities

    Talkers for Students with Disabilities
    While being a Para, I learned about a technology I had no idea about. "Talkers" are devices like tablets that allow students who are non-verbal to have a voice. Students can press a button on their device and it communicates out loud what the student wants or needs.
  • COVID 19

    COVID 19
    Coronavirus took the world by storm. I work in a school, helping with other kid's educations, and we are now on a halt. The world is shaking.
  • Home School / Remote Learning

    Home School / Remote Learning
    While going with the curve of COVID, I am at home now Homeschooling my 10 year old niece. Fourth grade has evolved immensely since 2004. A new challenge is learning on her Chromebook to get her information to her.