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History of American Education

By Jel007
  • Jamestown Colony

    Colonial Schools were formed in response to the need of shaping religion and countering the colonizing efforts of the Spanish.
  • Grammer Latin School Established in Boston

    Education for upper class males that represented the Church and State.
  • Boston Latin School

  • Harvard College

    First institution of high education to be offered.
  • Old Deluder Satan Act

    Arising from the grim school environment, this piece of legislation was designed to produce citizens who understood the Bible. In towns of 50 or more, it was required to hire a teacher for reading and writing.
    It gave birth to the idea that public education could contribute to the greater good of our country.
  • University of Pennsylvania

    Benjamin Franklin founded the English Academy, later known as University of Pennsylvania. He challenged the ideas of religious teachings by exploring the concepts of the European Enlightenment, including the sciences and secularization.
  • Southern Colonies

    Public schools did not exist and schooling was only available for the wealthy. Ideas were heavily focused on agriculture.
  • Middle Colonies

    This area of the country was focused on religion and the freedoms of choosing your own religious belief. Parochial schools were created and focused on the 3 R's.
  • New England Colonies

    Culturally and religiously homogeneous. Industry and commerce allowed for people to cluster and led to the building of common schools. An unpleasant classroom environment led to children not wanting to attend schools. Schools in this area focused on reading, writing, arithmetic and religion.
  • Franklin Academy

    Eliminated religion, focused on practical need: math science and navigation.
  • Period: to

    Government Influence

    Federal government signs nearly 400 treaties with Native American nations and tribes
  • Land Ordinance

    Federal government established a role for itself in public education that continues on today. Example: Separation of church and State.
  • Constitution Shapes Education

    The constitution removes formal religion from the school and establishes state responsibility in education.
  • The Common School Movement

    Free public schooling becomes available to most students.
  • English Classical School

    Focused on the needs of boys not attending college.
  • First Female College

    First female college was established at Mt. Holy Oak Seminary
  • Horace Mann

    Secretary of Education from 1837-1848.
    Advocate for public school system. Supported the idea that free, tax supported, elementary school should be a right of every citizen. Passed the nations first compulsory school attendance law.
  • Charles Darwin

    Theory of Evolution created a split in education.
    Natural selection vs Religious creation... What would be taught in schools?
  • Increase of Students in Education System

    50% of American children were enrolled in public schools. 28-35 states had established state boards of education.
  • Howard University

    The first all black school was founded in Washington D.C..
  • Boarding Schools are being built.

  • Committee of Ten

    Created standards and methods for high schools.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Courts examine separate but equal. Supreme Court ruled that separate but equal railroad facilities didn't violate the Constitution. This decision was also applied to education and separate but equal remained for 50 years.
  • Association of American Universities

    The AAU was created to help the US compete with foreign university.
  • Bureau of Education

    Experiments with child development and learning traits.
  • Great Depression

    The Great Depression leads to to less funding forcing many public schools to close.
  • The first JR High School

    Opened in Columbus, OH for grades 7,8, and 9.
    By 1926, 800 jr high schools had been set up.
  • Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education

    Created Cardinal Principles of Education, including applied goals in health and civic education.
  • Period: to

    Greater Control over Education

    National reports and federal legislation provide Native Americans with greater control over Education.
  • Projectors and Film Strips

  • Overhead Projector

  • The Modern Era

    Schools become instruments of national purpose and social change.
  • Programmed and Computer Based Instruction

  • Period: to

    Educational Television, VCR, VHS

  • Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

    Separate but Equal. This case ended separation of schools by race with different but equal treatment.The policy was
  • Federal Funding Released

    In attempt to compete with Russia and raise the US math and science education, the federal government released money in support of the public education system.
  • Period: to

    War on Poverty

    Attempt to eradicate poverty. Growth of funding from $900 million to $3 billion.
  • Head Start

    Program designed to help 3-5 year disadvantaged children enter school ready to learn.
  • Hand Held Calculators

  • Indian Education Act

    Indian Education Act establishes Office of Indian Education.
  • IDEA

    Congress passed Public Law 94-142, Individuals with Disabilities Act, which required free and appropriate public education for all children.
  • Department of Education

    The department of education was created under President Carter.
  • Native American Language

    Native American Languages Act protects the languages and cultures of Native Americans.
  • No Child Left Behind

    Requires all states to develop comprehensive accountability plan to ensure that all students acquire basic skills, with emphasis on reading and math.