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The History of Athletic Training

  • National Athletic Trainers' Association

    National Athletic Trainers' Association
    In 1950 the NATA was founded when the first meeting took place in Kansas City. The NATA has grown to over 30,000 members today.
  • NATA Professional Education Commitee

    NATA Professional Education Commitee
    The NATA formed which showed a concern for the continuing education in Athletic Training.
  • Undergraduate Athletic Training

    Undergraduate Athletic Training
    In 1969 the first undergraduate athletic training programs were officially recognized by NATA.
  • Graduate Curriculum

    Graduate Curriculum
    The first graduate curriculum was approved for Athleic Training
  • Continuing Education

    Continuing Education
    The continuing education requirments became effective. The requirments focus on increasing knowledge, skills and abilities related to the practice of athletic training. There are now 75 hours of continuing education.
  • AMA

    The AMA recognized Athletic Training as an Allied Health Profession
  • Education Council

    Education Council
    The NATA established the Education Council (ECE/ Executive Commitee for Education) to order the course of educational development for Athletic Training students.
  • World Congress

    World Congress
    World Congress on Exploring Globalization of Healthcare for the Physically Active was held. WFATT is committed to collective global education and communication framed around the physically active.
  • Domains

    Athletic Training is set into 6 domains: Injury Prevention, Evaluation, Care, Rehabilitaion, Administration, Development
  • NATA now!

    NATA now!
    March 2012 was recognized as Athletic Training month. The students of University of Miami created a video showing their pride for Athletic Training.