The History of Industrial Robots

Timeline created by _kaitllaann
  • First Industrial Robot

    First Industrial Robot
    Designed by George Devol
  • Founding the first company

    Founding the first company
    Found the company Unimation to manufacture the robot
  • The First Genration

    The First Genration
    OTC Japan introduced the arc welding robots
  • Robotic Arm

    Robotic Arm
    Motors installed to the joints of the arm, made it faster and more accurate than the other designs
  • Motoman ERC

    Motoman ERC
    Designed to control up to 12 axes
  • Almega AX series

    Almega AX series
    Introduced by OTC DAIHEN, a line of arc welding robots
  • Adept Technology

    Adept Technology
    With expiration of delta robot patents, introduces first delta robot the Quattro
  • Robot Industry

    Robot Industry
    Industry sees huge contraction with the advent global recession
  • Robots shipped

    Robots shipped
    121,000 industrial robots shipped according to International Federation of Robotics
  • COBOT Party

    COBOT Party
    Universal robot and Rethink face off to great interest and fanfare