The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova 676 Pages

By Nimbo
  • Period: to

    Pages 1-201

    In the first pages it talks about this girl and her father, At the moment I can't recall the girls name, but I know that she is a genius. You see this girl was brought up to be well educated and was taught well with many lessons from her father. While her mother doesn't seem to be in the picture she does have a nanny,and likes to explore things that she shouldn't have.
  • Period: to

    Pages 200-294

    In these pages the curious girl happens to come across the letter. These letters are in fact, letters to her father. Even though she shouldn't have she sneaks a peek at them and learns a dangerous thing. Or more like, she has a clue to one.
  • Period: to

    Pages 294-553

    In this part of the story the girl learns more of her father's secrets. Apparently Vlad Dracula is alive and well and has been searching for her father for many years. And to add on to that she learns of her mother may be still alive. She decides to help her father and this curse that has been set on him.
  • Period: to

    Pages 554-676

    In the last pages of the book, they meet with many surprizes. The dear wife and mother has shown and tells them their story. Apparently, she thought Dracula started following her beloved husband, so she starts following him. And to make it better Dracula appears. But not to worry for he ends up gone in the end.