The Hisory of the battery laptop

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  • appeared on shelves

    appeared on shelves
    This is when the laptop came to stores
  • Period: to

    start of an era

  • Epson HX-20

    this was the first battery powered laptop
  • The agreement

    Kazuhiko Nish and Bill Gates both agree to biuld a better Epson HX-20
  • The Radio Shack

    The Radio Shack also knowed as TRS-80 was realeased in stores in the 12 of March.
  • IBM 5155

    The IBM 5155 was the first portbale lapot in the world.
  • TRS Model 200

    Six years later Raidio has finaly created TRS Model 200 a snaller and better version of TRS Model 100
  • Compaq SLT/286

    The Compaq SLT/286 was the first laptop that looks like to days one
  • NEC UltraLite

    In 1989, NEC UltraLite was released, It was a laptop size computer which weighed under 5 lbs
  • Macintosh

    In September 1989, Apple Computer released the first Macintosh Portable that later evolved into the Powerbook.
  • Macintosh PowerBook 100

    Apple Computers released the Macintosh PowerBook 100
  • The gaming years

    The first alienware was created in 1996
  • Best laptop today

    the best laptop today is Alienware M17x R4