The High Speed Train (HS2) project

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  • HS2 Ltd is born

    HS2 Ltd is born
    [HS2 limited](<a href='' > HS2 Ltd </a>is the company responsible for developing and promoting the UK’s new high speed rail network and is wholly owned by the Department for Transport.
  • New government in UK

    New government in UK
    The Conservative–Liberal Democrat coalition takes office. The government undertakes to review the project from the previous Labour government.
  • New adjustements to the route

    New adjustements to the route
    The government publishes a slightly revised line of route for public consultation, based on a Y-shaped route from London to Birmingham with branches to Leeds and Manchester,with a number of alterations designed to minimise the visual, noise, and other environmental impacts of the line.
  • Open consultation starts

    Open consultation starts
    Documents about HS2 are published, and open consultations start throughout the country.
  • Consultation ends

    Consultation ends
    When the results are published, they reveal that over 90% of respondents are against HS2. "The report is uncomplete and can't be used as reliable basis for a decision on the project" says the New Economics Foundation.
  • Government announces go-ahead

    Government announces go-ahead
    The Government announces its intention to proceed with the development of a new high speed rail network in the UK.
  • HS2 phase 2 published

    HS2 phase 2 published
    HS2 Ltd submits a report to Government on the feasibility of Phase 2 of the high speed rail link.
  • Judicial claim against HS2

    Judicial claim against HS2
    A group of 15 local authorities affected by the High Speed Rail 2 project challenges the Government's proposals on a number of grounds, including alleging that the public consultation on the route was not carried out properly.
  • Consultation on compensations begins

    Consultation on compensations begins
    HS2 will have consequences for property owners and occupiers. Some properties will inevitably be compulsorily purchased to make way for the new rail route with others being permanently blighted as a result of the proximity to the tracks. Even where property is not permanently affected, property owners could suffer more temporary issues as a result of the extensive construction works that the scheme will necessitate.
  • Judicial review

    Judicial review
    A 9-day hearing in the High Court from 3rd-13th December had five cases presented to challenge the Government's proposals and procedures over the development of the HS2.
  • Consultation about compensations ends

    Consultation about compensations ends
  • Justice decides new consultation

    Justice decides new consultation
    The results of a Judicial Review are handed down at the Royal Courts of Justice. Although nine of the ten grounds for challenge are dismissed the consultation on the proposed compensation scheme was held to be unlawful and will require re-consultation. A proper strategic environmental assessment should be undertaken.
  • Court of Appeal rejects claims

    Court of Appeal rejects claims
    The Court of Appeal dismisses the claims laid by NGOs and farmers.
  • House of Commons votes Act

    House of Commons votes Act
    Vote of the Preparation Act (A Bill To make provision authorising expenditure in preparation for a high speed railway transport network) at the House of Commons. 350 MPs voting in favour of the High Speed Rail and just 34 against. The rebels included 18 Tories, a smaller number than originally expected, and 11 Labour MPs.
  • New consultation about compensations

    New consultation about compensations
    The new consultation about property compensation begins.
  • Act approved by the Queen

    The Queen approves the Preparatory Act for HS2.
  • Consultation about environment assessment begins

    Consultation about environment assessment begins
  • New consultation about compensations ends

  • Consultation about environmental assessment ends

  • New vote at the House of Commons

    New vote at  the House of Commons
    Second Reading of the HS2 Bill, where MPs will vote on the ‘principle’ of HS2 which after this cannot be disputed.
  • Petitioning period begins

    Petitioning period begins
    A House of Commons Select Committee consisting of impartial MPs will hear from petitioners ‘specially or directly affected’ by the railway of any changes they wish to see made to the railway.