The Help Timeline

By kpeys79
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    Timespan for The Help

    The Help is a book about three women who want to change the way most people think of and treat black people. One white woman named Skeeter organizes a group of maids to get together to talk about their lives as black maids. Two other maids named Aibileen and Minny tell Skeeter about what their lives are like.
  • Minny finds out Miss Hilly is telling everyone that she stole from Miss Hilly's house.

    Minny finds out Miss Hilly is telling everyone that she stole from Miss Hilly's house.
    Miss Hilly has been going around town telling veryone that Minny stole from her house. That is why she fired her as her maid. Now, Minny can't find any work because, everyone thinks she is a thief.
  • Miss Hilly says Aibileen shouldn't use the same bathroom as the Leefolt's

    Miss Hilly tells Miss Leefolt that the help should not use the same bathroom as them. The help is black, and blacks carry diseases, according to Miss Hilly.
  • Minny gets a job.

    After a long time of trying to search for someone that would want Minny to be their made, Aibileen finally finds someone who hasn't heard about the rumors Miss Hilly said about Minny. Her name is Miss Celia.
  • Skeeter gets a job.

    Skeeter gets a job.
    Skeeter gets a job as a newspaper writer. She has the job of writing for the "Ms. Myrna Column" where she answers people's questions about cleaning.
  • Aibileen agrees to start answering questions Skeeter asks her about her job for her new writiing job.

    Skeeter has been asking Aibileen to answer questions about what it's like to be a black maid. One of the people at the newspaper publishing place has agreed to let her interview black maids. Aibileen has been refusing because, it's dangerous, but she finally gave in because, she believes this can change the way the black and white society is.
  • Minny joins Aibileen and Skeeter to write about their lives.

    Aibileen has been trying to get Minny to join her and Sketer but Minny thinks she is crazy. She thinks it's too dangerous for them. Finally, she gives in and starts to tell Skeeter what her life is like.
  • Skeeter accidentally leaves her purse somewhere and Miss Hlly finds it.

    Skeeter accidentally leaves her purse somewhere and Miss Hlly finds it.
    Skeeter was at an event for white ladies with Miss Hilly. Skeeter went home early, though. Later that day she realizes that she left her purse at the event. Miss Hilly found it and called Skeeter to tell her to come pick it up. Skeeter tries to get to Miss Hilly's house as fast as possible because, she knows Miss HIlly will look in her purse, and her papers about Aibileen and Minny are in there. Miss Hilly has seen something she wasn't intended to see.
  • Skeeter, Aibileen, and Minny get the news from Missus Stein about their writings.

    Skeeter, Minny, and Aibileen are pretty sad because, Missus Stein, the editor, says that their book is only going to be making a few thousand copies. Ther profit is also very small.
  • Mae Mobley says that Aibileen is righter than her teacher.

    Mae Mobley is the child that Aibileen looks after. They both have grown very fond of each other. After a long discussion about how Mae Mobley's teacher says that colored people are less smart than whites, Aibileen asks Mae Mobley if she thinks she is dumb. Aibileen says no and eventually tells her that she is righter than her teacher. This makes Aibileen very happy.