The Hate U Give

  • Starr reunites with Khalil

    Starr reunites with Khalil
    Page 15- Starr is at Big D's party with her friend Kenya. At the party she ends up standing alone and Khalil comes to talk with her for the first time in several months. The two of them used to be very close when they were younger, but during the last years they have seen each other less and less
  • Khalil gets shot and dies

    Page 27 - When Khalil is driving himself and Starr from the party, they get pulled over by the police. The police tell Khalil to stand where he is, but he opens the car door to ask Starr if she is okay. The police then shoots and kills Khalil and tries to reason it with seeing a black hairbrush in the car door and thinking that Khalil was reaching for a gun.
  • Shots at the party

    Page 19 - While Starr and Khalil are talking with each other at Big D's party, they suddenly hear gunshots. Everybody at the party leaves in a hurry, including Starr and Khalil. We later find out that it is DeVante's big brother that was shot and killed.
  • Starr gets a flashback to Khalil's death

    Page 86 - On Starr's first day back at her school, Williamson, she gets a flashback to Khalil getting shot. The flashback happens while she is talking with her boyfriend, Chris, in the hallway. Chris is apologising to Starr because she has been mad at him.
  • Starr talks to the police

    Starr talks to the police
    Page 97 - The police asks Starr questions about Khalil getting shot. Starr's mother, Lisa, is in the room for support. Starr gets annoyed with the police because they mainly ask questions about Khalil selling drugs etc. and not the cop shooting him.
  • Riots in Garden Heights

    Page 136 - The people that live in Garden Heights are angry because of Khalil's death, as a way to express their anger they start protest which lead to riots. Starr, Lisa, Seven and Sekani all go to the den in their house for protection.
  • Students at Williamson protest

    Students at Williamson protest
    Page 182 - Students at Williamson (mostly white) decide to have a protest for Khalil as a way to ditch school. Starr does not like that they use Khalil's death as a way to get out of school and decides to stay in all her classes. Chris joins her in doing this, however, her best friends Hailey and Maya decide to take part in the protest.
  • Maverick has an "incident" with the police

    Maverick has an "incident" with the police
    Page 189 - Starr's dad Maverick get's stopped by police outside his store. The reason they stop him is that Maverick and Mr. Lewis, the owner of the shop next door, get into a verbal fight. When they find out he is Starr's daughter they make him lay on the ground to humiliate him because they know that Starr is the witness.
  • Maverick finds out about Starr's boyfriend

    Page 226 - Starr's boyfriend Chris lives quite close to Starr's uncle Carlos. While Starr's family is at Carlos' house, Chris comes to visit. This is how Maverick (Starr's dad) finds out about her boyfriend. Maverick gets quite annoyed at the fact that Chris is white and also that the whole family except him already knew about Starr's boyfriend.
  • Starr gets interviewed for a TV show

    Page 282 - Starr has decided to not stay silent about what happened to Khalil and gets interviewed for a TV show. She has decided to be anonymous, so her face gets blurred when it gets towed on TV. In the interview Starr dry snitches on one of the gangs in Garden Heights, and this gets the gang leader, King, mad at Starr and her family.
  • Chris tells Starr he knows she is the witness

    Chris tells Starr he knows she is the witness
    Page 294 - While being at prom Chris seems annoyed with Starr and won't really talk to her, she asks him what's going on and he says that he knows that she is the witness to Khalil's death. He says that he recognized her from the TV interview and is annoyed with her for lying and saying that she didn't know Khalil.
  • Shots fired at Starr's home

    Page 313 - The day before Starr is going to be in front of the grand jury, shots are fired at her house and a brick is thrown through a broken window. This was most likely an attempt to make her nervous before talking to the grand jury.
  • Starr testifies for the grand jury

    Page 328 - Starr testifies for the grand jury. She gets a lot of questions about who Khalil was and how she knew him, if they were friends etc. Then they discuss the night of the shooting in detail. It is the grand jury that decides if the police officer that shot Khalil will get a trial and potentially charged for what he did.
  • Starr and Hailey get in a physical fight

    Starr and Hailey get in a physical fight
    Page 337 - Hailey talks about Khalil in a negative light to Starr, saying things like "He was probably gonna end up dead anyway", "and also told Starr to get over the fact that he was murdered. This makes Starr angry and she punches Hailey's face, which leads into them fighting. Hailey's brother comes to Hailey's defence and starts to call Starr a "crazy bitch", but before he can finish his sentence Seven pushes him and starts fighting Hailey's brother.
  • Starr and her family has moved

    Page 369 - Around 13 weeks since Khalil was shot. After everything that has happened to Starr and her family in Garden Heights they have now moved to a new neighborhood. This is because Lisa and Maverick wanted a safer environment for their children. MER HER!!!
  • The grand jury decides not to indict the officer that killed Khalil

    Page 382 - "The grand jury has decided not to indict officer Brian Cruise Jr. in the death of Khalil Harris" is what Starr, Seven, Kenya, Chris, DeVante and Lyric hears form the radio in Seven's car. Starr, Seven, DeVante and Chris decide to riot because they are mad about the decision and want everybody to know.
  • King burns Maverick's store

    King burns Maverick's store
    Page 413 - The same night the grand jury decided to not indict the officer that shot Khalil, King throws a glass bottle with flaming cloth into Maverick's store while Starr, Seven, Chris, DeVante are in it. They can't get out of the store because the back door is locked and the front door is blocked by fire. Mr. Lewis sees them and the fire and calls for help. Maverick comes with keys and the kids get safely out of the store, but the store gets burned down. King gets arrested by the police.