The Hair dryer

  • Alexander F Godefrey

    Alexander F Godefrey
    in 1890 the first hairdryer was invented by french stylist,Alexander F Godefrey. His invention was a large,seated version that consisted of a bonnet that attatched to the chimney pipe of a gas stove.
  • The first portable hair dryer

    The first portable hair dryer
    The inventors of the Hamiltom beach company developed the first portable, handheld hair dryer. They were made of Steel and Zinc weighing more than two pounds. They did not dry hair very good because they only produced 100 watts of heat.
  • The first commercial

    The first commercial
    The first commercial for a hair dryer was on the radio, it was sold at stores like; Macy's.
  • Bonnet hair dryer

    Bonnet hair dryer
    There was the soft bonnet style hair dryer that had a long hose attatchments.
  • Rigid-Hood hair dryer

    Rigid-Hood hair dryer
    There was also the production of the rigid-hood dryer which was a hard,plastic helmet that goes over the head.
  • Men using them too?!

    Men using them too?!
    During the 1970's the sale for hair dryers shot up, men began to use them and of course everyone probably wanted hair like a "Beatle" or a "Monkee". But in the 70's that's when guidelines for the hair dryer was made,to make sure it was safe to manufacture.
  • Hair dryer commercial

    Hair dryer commercial
    A hair dryer commecial for the "OSTER" hair dryer came out
  • The Braun styler hair dryer

    The Braun styler hair dryer
    A hair dryer in the 80's came out, it was hand held designed with five accsessories. With a concentrator nozzle for faster drying.
  • 1990's

    The advnaced portable hair dryers of the 90's produced 1500 watts of heat. With improving plastic and new insulating materials made light weight hair dryers.
  • A law?!

    Since 1991 there is a law thatall dryers must use a ground fault circut interrupter so it won't electricute a person who gets wet.
  • More changes!?

    By 2000 deaths by hair dryers dropped to less than four people a year and a certain type of dryer was made as an effective treatment to head lice.
  • 2013

    Todays hair dryers can produce up too 200 watts of heat, and can dry hair faster than before. They are designed to weigh less than a pound and look sleek,and stylish. They are even designed to make hair smoother by using tourmaline and it's also made with nanotechnology is said to kill bacteria and viruses.