the greatest weapons of all time

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    The simple bow was the greatest weapon of the ancient river valley period because it allowed people to attack and hunt from a distance. The weapon was quiet and made it easier to fight without being seen or heard.
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    The greatest weapons throughout time

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    The catapult

    The catapult
    The catapult was the greatest weapon of the medieval period because it launched enormous rocks across the sky and dominated enemies. It was used to attack enemy territories and was also dropped on enemies in battle. It had tremendous power and range for that time.
  • 500

    The sling

    The sling
    The sling was the greatest weapon durin the classical period because when it was used by the right hands it would hurl things like rocks a further distance than most weapons at that time. The sling had more speed and accuracy than most weapons also.
  • May 16, 1500

    The hand cannon

    the hand cannon was the greatest weapon of the renaissance period because it allowed soldiers to hit and kill their enemies from a certain distance. Though the hand cannon lacked accuracy it was a powerful and feared weapon. The weapon also had a slow fire rate and took a lot of time to reload and was not used as often as other weapons.
  • The musket

    The musket
    The greatest weapon during the exploration period was the musket. It was much like the hand cannon which was used during the renaissance period. It had slightly better accuracy than the hand cannon but took the same amount of time to reload. It was a very powerful and scary weapon that shot lead balls toward enemies. It was a good weapon because if the impact from the shot didnt kill the enemy then the lead from the shot would have.
  • The artillery cannon

    The artillery cannon was the most powerful weapon during the revolutionary period. The cannon had great power and allowed soldiers to hit many targets at once. The artillery cannon required the use of geometry to fire accurately on enemies. The morters these cannons fired where made of either bronze or iron and were feared by all enemies.
  • The little boy and fat man

    The little boy and fat man
    The little boy and fat man nuclear bombs dropped on Japan were the best weapons during the world war on and two period. These two bombs were the most powerful and scary weapons ever used in warfare. These were used to end the war and killed thousands of japanese people in the process.