The Great War Timelne

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife shot

    It gave the Austrians an excuse to get back on the Serbia and it started world war 1.
  • Austria declares war on Serbia

    Serbia offered to have a confrence but Austria dyned there offer and declared war with Serbia. Began World War 1
  • stategy made

    was a new kind of warfare statgey to help them win.
  • devolpments on Eastern Front

    Ruissa invaded Germany
  • Battle on Western Front

    Paris battled Germany and Germany retreided.
  • Battle

    Oposing armies dug holes in the ground to hide from fire known as trench warfare
  • Battle on western Front

    British attacked France many people died
  • Battle on Western Front

    Germany won the fight with Russia many people died, and Ruissa retreaited. Germany won some land back also.
  • Stategy devolpment

    Plane warfare waas made, it created great advancement in warfare strategys.
  • alliance/Event

    Presadint Wilson asked congress to declare war. Us enetered war on allied side.
  • development on Eastern Front

    Russia stoped fighting Germany.
  • alliance

    Germany had one more massicure with France.
  • Battle on Western Front

    Germany and alliaes had a battle of Marne. Central powers crumbled andOttamens surrended.
  • Event

    World War 1 came to an end
  • Event

    treaty of Versailles was signed between Germany and allied powers.