The Great War Timeline

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Archduke Franz Ferdinard assignmnet that he had wanted was the spark that ingnited a giant blaze.
  • Time for War

    Austria rejected Serbia's offer and declared war.
  • The Schlieffen plan

    The German government declared war on Russia.
  • The attcaked of the Allies

    the Allies attacked the Germans northeast of Paris, in the valley of the Marne River.
  • Protect from the opposite side of the armies

    By the early 1915, opposing armies on the Western Front had dug miles of parallel trenches to protect themselves from enemy fire.
  • Iate summer of 1914

    In the late summer of 1914, millions of soldiers marched hppily of to battle, convinced that the war would be short.
  • The atttack of Germans

    In February, the Germans launched a massive attack against the French near Verdun.
  • British army relieve

    In July of 1916, the British army tried to relieve the pressure on the French.
  • President Wilson

    President Wilson asked Congress to declare war.
  • Vladimir ilyvh

    In November 1917, Communist leader Vladimir ilyivh Lenin seized power.
  • The gernams mounted one final.

    In March 1918, the germans mounted one final, massive attack on the Allies in France.
  • Allies and Germans clashed.

    In July 1918, the Allies and Germans clashed at the Second Battle of the Marne.
  • The end of World War I

    World War I came to a end.
  • End of the war

    The war ended